4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks to Bengals in Week 6

  • A poor coaching decision may have cost the team the game
  • A returning player does well
  • Two key players have not-great games
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Winner No. 1: Safety Jamal Adams

Pitch count for Jamal Adams in Week 6? Nope. He ended up playing 85 percent of the defensive snaps and he was really good.

Jamal Adams was a big reason that the Seahawks' defense improved as the game wore on and the Bengals had fewer than 60 total yards in the second half. He was used on designed blitzes enough where though most did not affect Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow to begin the game, the Bengals had to adjust their blocking a bit and those blitzes allowed Jarran Reed and Dre'Mont Jones to win a couple of one-on-one matches later in the game.

Adams finished with a quarterback hit and a tackle for loss, and on another play chased Burrow to the sidelines where Burrow was forced to throw a short pass on third-and-10 and Cincinnati was forced to punch. Adams will get a quarterback pressure for the play, but those are the kinds of things Seattle missed with Adams missing over a year of football.

Plus, the defense and Adams are still acclimating to each other a bit. The safety should be even more effective moving forward once his role is even more defined. Seattle's defense is playing much better in 2023 and might be good enough to steal a few wins for the Seahawks when the offense doesn't play well. Seattle almost stole a victory against the Bengals because of the defense, and Jamal Adams was a significant factor in that.