4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks to Bengals in Week 6

  • A poor coaching decision may have cost the team the game
  • A returning player does well
  • Two key players have not-great games
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Loser No. 3: Receiver DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf is an interesting person. I say that because off the field he is quick to smile with a good sense of humor and a likeability. On the field, though, he seems to react wildly to things. The Metcalf we see on the field many times does not seem like the Metcalf we think we know off the field. And once again in Week 6, Metcalf was rightfully called for a 15-yard dead-ball penalty which turned a 2nd and 6 play into a 2nd and 21.

The play occurred after DK Metcalf appeared to be wide open deep but Geno Smith did not see him. Then Metcalf thought he was being disrespected (I assume because we couldn't really see much before Metcalf shoved a Bengals defensive player to the ground) and in front of everyone everywhere drew an obvious flag and Metcalf will likely get fined again for the action as well.

Metcalf now has a league-leading nine 15-yard penalties since 2020. Pete Carroll has said he has spoken to Metcalf about the issue a few times, but clearly nothing has changed. Metcalf is extremely talented, but at some point he just needs to be sent to the locker room after he picks up another flag for unsportsmanlike conduct or taunting or unnecessary roughness.

Metcalf also lost out on two potential big plays in Week 6 when Geno Smith didn't have time to hit a wide open Metcalf deep or Smith simply didn't see the receiver. Plus, Metcalf had to miss some plays after falling an injuring his hip. Hopefully, he will be OK from that as he did re-enter the game and made a couple of nice catches.

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