4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks victory over Cardinals in Week 7

Seattle is now 4-2 in the 2023 but with a tough stretch of games forthcoming.

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The Seattle Seahawks are now 4-2 but with a bunch of tough games soon to come. Six of the next eight games are against teams with 2 losses or fewer. One of the games that isn't against a team with a winning record is Week 11 against the Los Angeles Rams and the Rams have already beaten Seattle once this year.

But let's focus on the positives. Seattle did what they needed to do and defeated a team they clearly have more talent than. The Arizona Cardinals play hard, but they lack talent. To lose to the Cardinals might have got most 12s thinking about what the 2024 NFL draft might bring.

While the score was 20-10, it never really felt close. It was more frustrating that the Seahawks didn't win by more. But a win is a win and in the NFL you don't make the playoffs by getting a bunch of style points.

Seattle Seahawks winner No. 1 - Receiver Jake Bobo

The Seahawks did not have DK Metcalf available on Sunday as he was dealing with pain from his hip and ribs. Maybe Seattle simply thought Metcalf needed some rest. (Or maybe - conspiracy theory! - Seattle wanted to sit Metcalf for a game because of all the bad 15-yard penalties he has picked up since 2020 and just got one in Week 6, too.) No matter, Metcalf was out and Seattle needed at least one receiver to step up.

Jake Bobo turned out to be one of those guys. We already know Bobo is a fantastic blocker (he has the third-highest run-block grade this year, according to Pro Football Focus, to which they require you to subscribe) and we know he has really good body control as he made a toe-taping touchdown reception in Week 3. But we weren't completely sure if Bobo could come through when Seattle absolutely needed him to.

Well, we know that Jake Bobo can be a good NFL receiver when needed as well. Not only did he have career-highs in receptions (4 on 5 targets) and yards (61), but averaged 15.3 yards a catch and made a ridiculously good, and one-handed, touchdown catch. On that play, Bobo seemed to know he scored immediately but the referees weren't so sure. Thankfully, a smart Pete Carroll challenge proved Bobo was correct.

(By the way, not listed here as a winner but he was during the game was Pete Carroll. He made several smart coaching moves, including a couple of positive challenges.)