4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks victory over Cardinals in Week 7

Seattle is now 4-2 in the 2023 but with a tough stretch of games forthcoming.
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Loser No. 1 - Cornerback Devon Witherspoon

OK, don't stop reading...yet. I might not be the smartest guy in the room, but I am not a total idiot. I have Devon Witherspoon on here as a loser for Week 7 for a good reason, and the reason has nothing to do with him playing poorly. In fact, Witherspoon was once again excellent and yet again proved that Seattle taking him fifth overall in the 2023 NFL draft was the work of people who know a lot more about football than most of the rest of us do.

Through the five games he has played (he missed Week 1 with a hamstring injury, of course), he has allowed a passer-rating of 74.7. Not the best in the league, but certainly really good for rookie corner and a number that will probably only get better. Witherspoon also has allowed only 20 of the 37 passes thrown his way to be completed. Again, realy solid stuff.

Witherspoon also has 2 sacks and an interception that he turned into a pick-six. He has 3 quarterback pressures and tackles like a guy who weighs 50 more pounds than he does. But Witherspoon's number should be better and this is why he was a loser in Week 7.

Not only did Witherspoon have an interception taken away - he picked off a pass in the second half in the end zone but a penalty negated the pick - but he had a sack taken away by a penalty as well. Witherspoon appears to be far too optimistic to go over to his teammates and say, "I'd have another pick and a sack except for your mistakes," but he would be factually correct if he did. Witherspoon is a special player and the Seahawks are lucky to have him.