4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks Week 8 victory over Cleveland Browns

Seattle found a way to move to 5-2 in 2023 by defeating the Browns.

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Loser No. 1 - Offensive play-calling

Overall, I think Shane Waldron is a very good offensive coordinator. He does seem to limit his own creativity at times, though. Against the Detroit Lions in Week 2, for instance, Waldron found a way to align his tight ends in 12 personnel where that augmented the rush a lot more. But sometimes he gets almost a little too basic.

The other concern I have is that at times the Seahawks get too pass-happy. Seattle does seem to get stuffed quite a bit in hopes of Kenneth Walker getting a long run or two, but sometimes Walker just doesn't get enough opportunities. Against the Browns, Walker was handed the ball just 8 times. Seattle ran just 17 times total, but two of those were scrambles by Geno Smith, and one was a sweep with Dee Eskridge. One was also a handoff to Jake Bobo but that resulted in a touchdown and was more a straight-ahead rush.

Cleveland does have a good defense, but when a team drops back to throw 40 times (Smith threw 37 passes, was sacked once, and scrambled twice) and only runs the ball 15 times, that's making things easier for the defense because they have a better idea of what an offense is going to do.

Plus, the run was working fairly well for Seattle. Walker had 8 carries for 66 yards while Zach Charbonnet ran 5 times for 53 yards. Combined Walker and Charbonnet had an average rush of 9.2 yards per carry. Walker and Charbonnet needed the ball more and that might have helped Geno Smith a bit more too.