3 worst contracts on the Seahawks' payroll ahead of free agency

These contracts are extremely problematic for Seattle.

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Wide receiver Tyler Lockett

A disclaimer: I do not want Tyler Lockett to leave the Seahawks. He has been a great receiver and an even better person and I wish he could play for eternity. He has made some of the best catches in team history and should always be remembered fondly for both what he did on and off the field. But none of that changes the fact that the NFL is a business and tough business must be made.

Lockett's current contract is too big for the production he will likely give Seattle. Some of that is not his fault. Seattle has DK Metcalf and Jaxon Smith-Njigba to take targets away from Lockett and Seattle needs to run the ball more in 2024 which means even fewer possible targets for Lockett. Lockett had his least productive season since 2017 this past season and there is no reason to think the 31-year-old receiver is going to be better next season.

In 2023, Lockett had his second-fewest number of receptions (79) since 2018 even though he had the second-most targets (122) in his career. He had his second-highest number of drops (5). His receiving touchdowns (5) were his least since 2017, the same for his receiving yards (894).

But Lockett's cap hit is $26,895,000, the highest of any Seattle player for next season. Releasing him would save the team around $7 million. I hope that does not happen and instead, Seattle gives Lockett an extension. Even if there were dead years at the end of the contract, Seattle could still spread out Lockett's cap hit while keeping him on the team.