5 worst free agent signings under Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider

These five (or six?) free agents did not work out.

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No. 3 - Offensive lineman Luke Joeckel (2017)

John Schneider or head coach Pete Carroll had a thing for the 2017 NFL draft for some reason. Of the top 13 picks, six of them at one point or another eventually spent some time with Seattle. This issue was none of them were overly good with the Seahawks. Joeckel was probably the most head-scratching signing with Seattle not because of the position he played but because of the money the Seahawks tossed his way.

Joeckel had been drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars and spent four years with them. He was only healthy in one season (2018) and kept getting moved around the offensive line because he was not very good at any one position. In 2017, however, Seattle was still in the mode where they could fix almost any player and thought they could remake Joeckel into something very good.

But the money was ridiculous. Joeckel's agent must have been a great salesperson and might have gotten Schneider thinking other teams were interested because how else would one explain Seattle giving Joeckel a one-year contract for $8 million with $7 million being guaranteed? Heck, why not just make the entire contract guaranteed?

Joeckel proved that a chance of teams was not what was plaguing him, though. He once against failed to play a full year appearing in 11 games for Seattle at left guard. He allowed five sacks in those 11 games which was the sixth-most among all guards in the league that season. Seattle wisely chose not to re-sign Joeckel and no other team signed him either. 2017 would be Luke Joeckel's final season in the NFL.