10 worst Seattle Seahawks draft picks of the Pete Carroll era

Not all of Pete Carroll's draft classes were that loaded.
These draft picks did not turn out well for the Seahawks
These draft picks did not turn out well for the Seahawks / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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No. 1 - Malik McDowell - Seahawks defensive lineman (2017)

Even typing that name makes me cringe. At the time, the selection of Malik McDowell at the top of the second round seemed like a steal. McDowell, the towering 6'6", 300lb defensive tackle, was the top defensive tackle in the entire draft class. An interior pass-rush specialist, McDowell would fit perfectly as a plug-and-play defensive tackle for Seattle.

But we all know that's not how it turned out. McDowell, who fell in the draft ever so conveniently to the 35th pick, had some character concerns leading up to the draft. Pete Carroll, no stranger to bringing in guys with character concerns, thought they could mentor and coach the young and talented prospect and get the most out of him. McDowell said all the right things and was primed to be a starting defensive tackle for Seattle before things went downhill -- fast.

Just a few short weeks before OTAs, it was reported that McDowell was involved in an ATV accident and had suffered multiple injuries that put his rookie season in jeopardy. As Seattle was reeling from the sudden realization they may not have McDowell on the field for an indefinite period of time, things began to get infinitely worse.

McDowell remained at home in Michigan as he recovered from his ATV accident due to the fact Seattle believed his recovery would be easier for him at home. Instead, McDowell's being in Michigan ended up being the worst thing for him. As the Seahawks began the regular season without their rookie defensive tackle, McDowell was arrested in Michigan for driving under the influence and was sentenced to a year of probation. Then, in December, McDowell was arrested again for disorderly conduct at an Atlanta nightclub.

The Seahawks traded for defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson as their patience with McDowell dwindled. Following the 2017 season, in which McDowell played zero downs, gave himself a severe concussion on an ATV, and was arrested twice, the Seahawks had to make a decision on their second-round pick from a year ago.

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In July of 2018, Seattle released Malik McDowell. Following his release as a free agent, McDowell was arrested again in 2019, charged with assault, resisting arrest, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Following a prison stint, McDowell was shortly signed with the Cleveland Browns before being arrested a fourth time for indecent exposure.

In one short year, McDowell was a wasted top-35 pick and brought horrible publicity to the Seahawks. The selection genuinely could not have gone worse for Seattle and serves as a reminder that a prospect's character should be prioritized just as diligently as their talent.

Who did they miss?

Players drafted after McDowell include Budda Baker, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara, Cooper Kupp, and George Kittle.

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