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While reading through the Seattle Times this morning (Sunday Edition), I came across an interesting opinion from a reader. This particular opinion was featured in the Backtalk section of the sports page.

Says the reader:

Why don’t we all stop jumping up and down and get a little reality and perspective on the Seahawks.

They really are a 4-12 team, and 4-12 teams need lots of help.

They really did lose several key players to free agency and replaced them with T.J. Housh-whatever.

They really did trade away their best player to Detroit.

They really do have the worst running backs in the NFL — and it’s not even close.

They really do have fast-aging former studs at quarterback and left tackle, arguably the two most important positions on the field.

So, let’s see, what did they do last weekend?

Drafted a terrific linebacker — to replace the guy they traded away.

Drafted a very good interior offensive lineman. Always important, but not really even close to a need area.

Traded away picks for future picks.

Traded back to get a fast wide receiver who will never crack the starting lineup here.

Drafted a sixth-round QB who will not even make the team.

This team isn’t better than the one that went 4-12, and it isn’t really set up to be better in the future. Maybe with two high first-round picks next year the Seahawks can start getting good talent in the places they need it.

After reading this opinion of Seattle’s offseason, I was tempted to put together my own letter to the Times expressing my disagreement. This person seems like a pessimistic, uninformed “fan” who gets a kick out of upsetting Seattle sports fans. Or maybe he is a realistic fan, and I’m just a homer with no sense of reality.

While feeling obligated to argue Seahawks football with this particular person, I decided to do a quick search to see if anything else would come up. And sure enough, this isn’t the first time that this person has offered their pessimistic opinion to the newspaper. Earlier this year, they felt the need to give their opinion of Super Bowl XL:

Jerry Brewer, the Gas Man and the rest of Seattle’s whining, pathetic and wrong fans need to not only get over the Super Bowl from three years ago, they need to accept the reality and truth of that game.

Reality: There was one flat-out wrong call — the tackle attempt by Matt Hasselbeck. Every other “controversial” or “questionable” call in that game was one that if the exact same thing had happened with the teams reversed, these same, sad fans would have been screaming for the flags!

Bigger reality: The refs absolutely did not cost the Seahawks that game. The refs had nothing to do with the Seahawks defense completely forgetting to put anyone close to Willie Parker or Hines Ward on three long plays that all led to touchdowns. The refs had nothing to do with Hasselbeck setting a season high for incomplete passes. The refs had nothing to do with Holmgren again forgetting that the league’s MVP was wanting the ball, yet didn’t even reach 100 yards rushing for the game.

The truth: The game was never that close. If Ben Roethlisberger floats that pass three inches higher and it goes over Herndon, it’s 28 — 3 and it goes down in history as one of the most lopsided Super Bowl wins ever. And when you’re three inches from it being one of the most lopsided Super Bowls ever, one bad call is not really making a big difference.

The only thing Brewer and Gas and these Seattle fans keep proving by dwelling on this is their ignorance of the truth and their inability to be mature and get over it.

Of course, these are the same people who are still booing Alex Rodriguez and who let the Sonics walk to Oklahoma City. No wonder the rest of the world thinks Seattle sports are the worst.

After reading through that, I realized that any letter I’d write to the Seattle Times in response would just be a waste of my time. Ironically, I did feel compelled to share their opinions with you.

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