Did the Arizona Cardinals Try to Acquire Matt Hasselbeck?

Earlier this week, Steve Kelley from the Seattle Times mentioned an interesting hypothetical during an interview on a Seattle radio station.

While discussing Seattle’s quarterback situation, Kelley admitted he lacks confidence. He doesn’t believe Matt Hasselbeck can stay healthy for an entire season, and he doubts Charlie Whitehurst’s potential as an NFL starter.

According to Kelley, we’re closer to the end of the Hasselbeck era in Seattle than most think. He believes Whitehurst will become Seattle’s starting quarterback this season when Hasselbeck suffers some sort of injury.

And once Whitehurst takes the job, Kelley thinks there will be no turning back. Hasselbeck’s days will be numbered.

Most of you probably agree with Kelley. You may not be optimistic, but you’re assuming everything will pan out in a similar fashion.

At one point during the segment, Kelley mentioned something interesting about Hasselbeck. Trying to support his opinion that the end of Hasselbeck is near, he mentioned a possible trade scenario between the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks.

The trade scenario, which is most likely only hypothetical, has Matt Hasselbeck going to Arizona in exchange for Matt Leinart.

“I think they went after Matt Hasselbeck and offered Matt Leinart in return. I think that trade was discussed. And I don’t know who turned it down,” Kelley said earlier this week. “I have a feeling that maybe the Seahawks were shopping Matt Hasselbeck. That’s just a guess, I don’t know.”

Of course, feelings are a lot different than confirmed sources. And later in the interview Steve Kelley admitted that it isn’t something he would have written; a rumormonger on radio is more acceptable than a fraud in print.

But what if any part of this hypothetical deal is true? What if the Seahawks were shopping Matt Hasselbeck? And what if the Arizona Cardinals offered Matt Leinart?

On the surface, the deal makes some sense.

Matt Hasselbeck is a veteran quarterback who can still win with talent around him. Kurt Warner just retired and Arizona doesn’t have a proven starter at quarterback without him. With Matt Hasselbeck in Arizona, the Cardinals might have enough to make another run at the postseason.

The Seahawks are rebuilding, and Matt Hasselbeck is probably finished after this season. If the team is committed to the future, then Hasselbeck isn’t the answer. And Matt Leinart, although unproven, did play for Pete Carroll at Southern California.

Without confirmed reports, however, it is just another fun rumor to talk about.

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  • Hawkman

    Regardless whether or not this rumor is true, the Seahawks need to trade Hass NOW so they can get something…anything…for him rather than let him walk at the end of the season (as he is in the final year of his contract and it is obvious we will not offer him another one).

    Let’s be honest, we won’t win the Super Bowl this year even if we have him…and Marshawn Lynch…and Vincent Jackson…and anybody and everybody else you can think of floating about the rumor mill. And, isn’t winning the Super Bowl the ultimate goal of any year? Isn’t anything less unacceptable? So, why not trade him this year…let him torch us like you know he would…take our lumps with Clipboard J, and move forward. If CJ is, indeed, the answer…great! If not, it makes Carroll look like what we knew he was all along…a fool.

  • Ocho

    I have a hard time believing this happened. You really think AZ would offer up a young Matt Leinart for Hasselbeck (whom I love) but is definitely near the end? I don’t think so.

    • Hawkman

      I wouldn’t put it past Carroll. He is trying to make the Seahawks the USChawks. Only problem with that is…even if you take the best college football team of all time, they would still get beat by the worst pro team of all time by at least 3 touchdowns. Guaranteed.

      I, too, love Matt and appreciate everything he has done for the Seahawks and would route for him wherever he went…except maybe the Cowboys, Dolphins, or 49ers (I HATE those teams soooooooooooooo much). But I loved Dave Krieg, too, when he bolted for the Cardinals…it was time for him to go…WE knew it and, more importantly, HE knew it.

      The best Seahawks QB of all-time still has to be Jim Zorn, though. He did SO MUCH with SO LITTLE. While the Bucs were stinkin it up in their first two years like nobody’s business (see comment above about maybe the worst NFL team of all-time), he made the Seaturkeys somewhat respectable.

      As Donnovan McNabb proved this year, we can get a 2nd-round pick for a very good NFL quarterback who, although clearly well past his prime, could still help some team get to the playoffs…and if the Cards had Hass, make no mistake, they WOULD DEFINITELY get back to the playoffs. And once you are in the playoffs, who knows? Just ask the crappy Steelers teams the years they beat us and the Cards.

      While we are at it, we need to trade L. Hill and J. Jones for whatever picks we can get for these guys (probably not much, but maybe if we are lucky (and if the NFL team is stupid enough – and there are some stupid ones out there) we could get a couple of 4th-rounders for them. We should also trade Deion Branch to somebody for a 3rd-rounder; Butler, Housh, Williams, and Tate will be just fine without him.

      • http://www.12thmanrising.com Shaun Dolence

        I don’t think Arizona would hesitate giving up Leinart to acquire Hasselbeck. Leinart may be young, but he was given several opportunities to shine in Arizona.

        As of now, Leinart is still unproven in the NFL.

        One could argue that the Arizona Cardinals are one veteran quarterback away from competing again in the postseason. Bringing in Matt Hasselbeck probably wouldn’t replace Kurt Warner’s production, but it would give them a more capable option than Matt Leinart.

        Then again, does it really matter who is throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald?

        As for the “USChawks” comment, I think Pete Carroll proved his critics wrong during the NFL Draft. He had several opportunities to reach for former Southern Cal players but opted for better, more reasonable options.

        Before the draft, a lot of us thought Carroll had complete control and would favor his former players in the draft. A first round where the Seahawks selected Jimmy Clausen and Taylor Mays wouldn’t have been surprising given the previous assumption.

        • Hawkman


          Yes, it does matter who is throwing Fitzy the ball, as we will find out this year. Look for Fitzy’s numbers to drop off considerably now that Warner is gone and Larry (or is it Moe…or Curly) is now throwing him the ball.

          You are right that I may have been too harsh with the USChawks comment (but you have to admit it was clever), but you are dead wrong if you think that ANYBODY would have taken Clausen or Mays in the first round. They are simply not first-round material….and all 32 teams knew it…even first-year nobodys like Carroll.

          I can understand giving Carroll a chance before we lynch him in effigy, but do you honestly think he is the answer? Do you honestly think he is an improvement over Holmgren? College coaches are college coaches for a reason…they can’t hack it in the big leagues. To be fair, many pro coaches who move over to college also fail miserably. You are either one or the other, and, to my knowledge, only Jimmy Johnson made the transition successfully. The mindsets of NFL players are totally different than that of college players. I guarantee you that Hass is laughing at Carroll behind his back, while still saying all the right things in public (because, unlike many other players in the league, Hass is very intelligent).

          • http://www.12thmanrising.com Shaun Dolence

            When I said it didn’t matter who was throwing the ball to Fitzgerald, I was simply complimenting his ability to dominate defensive backs in the NFL. Larry Fitzgerald is good enough to make the quarterback throwing to him better.

            Clausen and Mays were both projected as first-round selections in most mock drafts. I never said I thought both players warranted first-round picks, however. To demonstrate a lack of confidence in Carroll, I said that a first round featuring Mays and Clausen would not have surprised a lot of people.

            Mays played at USC and Carroll heavily recruited Clausen, who is from California. Fortunately, Carroll opted for better, more reasonable options. And it proved that John Schneider isn’t just a “yes man” in the front office.

            As far as Carroll is concerned, I’m not ready to call him another college-to-pro failure. Carroll has been a head coach for two different teams in the NFL and has several years of experience as an assistant coach. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but I think Carroll’s situation is a little unique compared to others.