Deion Branch Trade Rumors

If you haven’t heard by now, there are several trade rumors involving the Seattle Seahawks and wide receiver Deion Branch.

The rumors surfaced following speculation from the Boston Herald, and continue today — although recent reports suggest any trade talks are preliminary and nothing more.

Ian Rapoport, a beat writer for the Boston Herald who covers the New England Patriots, fueled speculation earlier this morning via Twitter:

Patriots always in discussions with teams. Considering they lost a WR, that’s a focus. 1 team on preliminary talks is Seahawks

Rapoport followed up his initial report on The Boston Herald with an article published today:

But it may be time to add another familiar face to the discussion. The Patriots have been having preliminary talks with the Seahawks concerning former Pats receiver Deion Branch, I’m told.

At this point, the talks are not close and nothing is imminent. It’s more exploratory than anything. But there is no doubt that, within the team, this would be celebrated.

The Branch-to-the-Patriots discussions have been kicking around for a while, with Branch even saying he’d welcome a return recently.

“I still love Coach Belichick,” Branch told the Herald in February, “and if the opportunity presents itself to come back, I would love to be there.”

Stay tuned.

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  • Hawkman

    This would be AWESOME if true!!!!!!!!!

    You want to play for Beli”chick” again, Deion? There’s the door. Don’t let it hit you in the butt on the way out.

    Let’s clean house! We got rid of one overpaid, underperforming diva (T. J. Whoshallnotbenameda), now let’s get rid of another. For Branch, a sixth-rounder, a seventh-rounder, and a new Gatorade cooler should just about cover it in compensation. Back in the day, if you were a WR or a kicker and you mouthed-off like virtually all of self-proclaimed starlets do now, you got put over a lineman’s knee and snapped like a twig.

    After Sunday, the Cards should be begging us to trade Hass to them. I say we oblige them.

    Oh, and by the way, why is it all-of-a-sudden a rebuilding year right after we lose to the Rams? Wasn’t it always a rebuilding year? Was this just the final cold, hard, dose of reality hitting you in the face about the team’s true putridness that finally woke you guys out of your unrealistically optimistic slumber?

    Winning the NFC West at this point is likened to being picked 4th-to-last for dodgeball…just before the fat kid, the nerd, and the girl. A hollow victory, to be sure.

    • Shaun Dolence

      Everything right now points to Branch being worth a conditional late-round pick. The Seahawks, however, are probably waiting for a deal that offers a third- or fourth-round pick. To warrant that type of compensation, the Seahawks have to obviously include one of their late-round picks in the deal, in addition to Deion Branch.

      If a deal is going to happen, it probably won’t happen until next week. The latest out of New England is that Seattle is shopping Branch, but the Patriots probably aren’t interested.

  • anonymous

    Branch for Mankins!

  • Hawk_Eye

    We have a very young team. Deon Branch is past his prime. We need to trade him while he still has some trade value.

  • micheal mccarthy

    Figures they would want branch back he frankly has been a dissapointment in seattle and he is basicly a short ball reciever and seattle is loaded with short ball recievers if we get something good that would be ok, we need good run linemen and good runners