NFL Lockout: The End Is Near!

Still trying to earn every cent of his rookie contract.


It sounds like things in the NFL might be up and running again in the next few days. And all I have to say is…

… don’t break your arms patting your collective selves on the back for getting this deal done because you still look bad.

I can’t honestly tell you that I won’t watch as a result of everything that happened, however, it does leave a bit of a black eye. When it does come back again, I don’t think, for me at least, it will have the same allure it once did for a while.

All that being said, my favorite part about this new deal is the rookie salary. Oh how I wish this was in place when we drafted A Curry. Even if it was he would still be overpaid, but just not by as much.

I am also curious to see how the Seahawks handle Matt Hasselbeck. My understanding is that they will have a day or two to try to resign him on more time. If that’s not done, then he will hit the open market, and we all know where he will end up. Yee haw! Nashville ya’ll.

I know it has been slow going on this blog for a while, but there has been nothing to write about. Get ready for that to change in an instant. In the past, the NFL off season was a slow build to training camps, pre-season, and the regular season. This year it will look more like a lightning strike. The free agency signings will look like a fast food order as one player after another will be gobbled up by desperate teams looking to patch something together in time for the regular season. I hope Seattle doesn’t get too excited on this front, however, look for them to acquire at least 1 or maybe even 2 big time free agents. Also look for the Redskins to do something really stupid that we can all point at and say, “whew. Glad that’s not my team.” On an off note, how fat do you think Haynesworth is by now? I will set the over/under at 685 lbs.

As I write this Thursday morning, I am hearing things should be done by Friday at the latest. But what if it’s not?

If there is no deal by Friday, expect one on Monday. If not Monday, wave goodbye to your NFL season as you know it, and expect fans to hold a serious grudge. Remember the NBA and MLB strikes had a profound effect on their ticket sales and fan base. It took years to get things back to normal. In the NBA’s case, it took just enough time that they could screw things up again. I sure miss the Super Sonics, but not the NBA. What a bunch of morons, but I digress.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for the NFL. I sure hope this things get done the way they should. I am tired of waiting and just about to the point where I would rather get my money back for next season than go to the games. Don’t get me wrong. I would still watch them on tv, I just would watch them for free instead of braving the pass, fighting the traffic, paying for the hotel, buying the overpriced food, and dealing with the Torro (security lady for our section). I go through a lot to go to these games because I really love and appreciate the NFL and even more so my team, the Seattle Seahawks. I just hope when the NFL comes back they have the same level of love and appreciation for the product that I do.

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