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Well it’s that special time of the year everybody. NFL draft weekend, where we put our feet up, order pizza, and get drunk and opinionated. Plus not to mention spend three days trying to remember which strange 80’s porno we remember seeing Mel Kiper Jr. in (personally I think it was this sleazy one that took place in a Reno strip club). But enough of the joking, for I am drunk, or getting there at least… and it is time for me to share my dogmatic opinions.

The Seahawks are now defense first under Pete Caroll and I can’t say I mind his vision for this side of the ball. The defense he envisions is a hard-nosed ass kicking and ball hawking bunch of sons of bitches that has opposing offenses leaving the Clink saying “Wow I feel like I just went to war with a bunch of dinosaurs and woolly mammoths.” However, it is the offensive side of the ball that I am worried about. That’s not to say that I don’t like what Pete and John have done with the offense, it’s just I think we probably need to go offense in the first round.

Last season we were a top ten defense with a well-oiled run stopping machine and a defensive back field that had interception potential ticking like time bombs. Yet all football knowledge says we have to go defense in this first round… Are they crazy!? Why fix it when it ain’t broke!? Sure a pass rusher like Quentin Coples would make our front four the equivalent to a Mongol Horde (if he isn’t napping), but honestly Coples is going to be on the field less than 50% of the time unless we move him around and plug him in at defensive tackle, which I’ll admit is a possibility. However, the only way I say we go defense is if Luke Kuechly is on the board. Not just because he is a special player who will be our Pro Bowl defensive quarterback for years to come, but because our linebackers are and have been seriously lacking.

How many times did we see Alex Smith scramble for first downs in the 49ers game huh? It made me sick watching our dreadfully slow linebackers try to set the edge on freaking Alex Smith. And what now? We’re going to rely on Barrett Ruud to set the edge? He can’t even sit on the edge of the bench without injuring something. Plus not to mention all the times we watched opposing tight ends catch pass after pass because our linebackers didn’t have the speed or ability to cover them. Basically Luke Kuechly fills a major need and is a sure thing that we can take out of necessity without being punished for reaching.

If Luke Kuechly isn’t on the board at twelve then there will be offensive players of high stature. Our offense is largely a mystery right now. We have no idea what we have in Matt Flynn and we can pretty much bet on future injuries looming over Sydney Rice and Russel Okung. The surest way to guarantee a quarterback is going to work out is to get him some weapons because they can’t all be Peyton Mannings and make Pro Bowlers out of mopes.

Wouldn’t you be happy to see the Hawks take Michael Floyd at twelve? Right now we have no number two receiver and we definitely don’t have somebody that can be physical and go up and get it every time you chuck it up there (I’ve largely given up on Michael Williams). Matt Flynn needs somebody who can be his go to guy, a physical jump ball power forward like Mathew Stafford’s MegaTron where you just throw it up and trust. Or what about David DeCastro? This guy is going to be a Pro Bowler almost every season guaranteed. They say twelve is too high for a guard, but just look at Steve Hutchinson. This kid is seriously that good. Plus he is from the area and would be an instant home town hero. Not to mention upgrading our beast mode would seriously help Flynn in the passing game as well.

I know we need a consistent pass rush, I get it. But if we want Matt Flynn to succeed we have to get him some artillery. We can find defensive ends as they slip out of the first round into the second. There are plenty of good ones this year, one might even be Coples or Chandler Jones even, but I seriously doubt it. Yet we will still be able to find somebody to play across from Clemons. We don’t need a number one pass rusher, only an upgrade at number two on the left side. So I say we take Kuechly if he is there and if not then we grab Floyd or DeCastro. Let’s commit to Flynn and get him what he needs. Just look at how he played in that Packers Lions game with all the weapons on offense.

P.S. My apologies for the grumpy banter, I can be a mean drunk.

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  • Hawk_Eye

    The scouting reports that I read says Luke Kuechly doesn’t get off blocks well. In the NFL that is not going to work out too well. Plus John Schneider said this draft is “loaded with linebackers” this year. I think we either go pass rusher or offensive lineman in the first round. Look for us to trade down this year and get more picks. I think we go linebacker in the second or third round. We’ll find out real soon. 

  • Keith_12thMR

     @Hawk_Eye not soon enough. the waiting is killing me

  • officeguy

    You got the right read on the position they were seeking, but who could have forseen the linebacker they picked? Here’s hoping the maturity they see coming in the troubled kid actually appears, because that’ll be a win-win-win for everyone (the kid, the team, and the fans)!

  • Pedrohawk

    Oh man I know, I’ve really got no idea how this is going to work out. I love how the Seahawks go after their guy and don’t give a shit, but honestly they did that with Carpenter last year and how did that work out…? He is going to end up a back up right tackle or an average guard at best. Honestly this is insane, he isn’t going to play linebacker, he is going to be a Clay Mathews/Von Miller type, and I’m not comparing him to their skill set, if either one Miller… Maybe. He is pass rush only, coming in when Red Bryant is out on passing downs which is fine that’s what we needed, but honestly I really feel conflicted about this pick and lean towards it being a bad one. I think it will work out and I think he will be able to give us the pass rush we need, but I do not think he warrants a first round pick at all. We could have gotten a situational pass rusher in round two, and possibly the same player. I’m only happy to see us gather more picks but besides that he better be able to get on the quarterback like Von Miller, yet I doubt he will. I just hope I eat my words. I really do.