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Who Is Your Favorite Seattle Seahawks 2013 Draft Pick

Eleven draft picks in the book, there are a lot of options available to be your favorite new Seahawk, or maybe even your new favorite Seahawk period. While the ladder honor might take a while for these guys to earn from the 12′s, there’s no doubt everybody is extra excited about a least one of the new kids and we’re here to ask, which one is it?

Here are the choices:

Round 2 

  • Christine Michael (T A&M)

Round 3

  • DT Jordan Mills (Penn State)

Round 4

  • WR Chris Harper (K-State)

Round 5

  • DT Jesse Williams (Bama)
  • CB Tharold Simon (LSU)
  • TE Luke Willson (Rice)

Round 6

  • HB/FB Spencer Ware (LSU)

Round 7

  • OG Ryan Seymore (Vandy)
  •  S/LB Ty Powell (Harding)
  • DL – OG Jared Smith (New Hampshire)
  • OL Michael Bowie (Northeastern St)

For me it’s a tie between Michael and Simon. I love what Michael gives the Hawks in terms of size and speed and you can see the attitude he gives them from the picture above. If he can stay away from the temptation to try and bounce things outside, he’s the perfect compliment to Marshawn and Robert Turbin and gives Seattle the third running back that is so necessary in the NFL, especially with the Seahawks’ style.

After playing with A&M in NCAA 12 and 13 in an online dynasty, I have also grown partial to the Aggie players and Michael was always a soft spot as the best overall running back I played with in the game. This is a bit of an artificial reason, but I also got to see Michael play quite a bit in real life due to my new-found A&M infatuation and he has the explosion to make me really excited about his pick-up. Also, I always like when Carroll surprises us with that early pick that we didn’t see coming but cannot find fault with in Seattle’s scheme. Thomas and Irvin were both personal favorites for that reason as well.

Meanwhile, Simon is big and physical at corner and gives Seattle a chance at grooming a young stud to take over Browner’s spot when the Seahawks can no longer afford his contract (which I believe is up in 2014 but Keith would probably know better than me). The reason it’s so big to me is that this will allow the littlest drop-off in terms of production, as opposed to replacing Browner the year of his contract with a rookie who has to make the transition and step in on day one. Also, it allows the Seahawks to keep their imposing figure with the size of Simon. Playing at LSU, Simon faced a bunch of big-time receivers and having played on a premier defense has the swagger and proven skills to help Seattle’s secondary. Just a terrific pick in my opinion, and how can you not be partial to a guy with a sweet name like Tharold?

Another noteworthy item to me is that Seattle stayed away from the Pac-12 conference early on in the draft. While I love the Pac and think there is a ton of talent that runs through there (obviously based on Seattle’s roster), I love the fact that they went with no less than FIVE from the SEC, one from the Big-12 and one from the Big Ten this year. Also, those players were all on mentally tough teams that have had multiple years of continuous winning success.

You can add Harvin (Florida) to the list from the trade for 3 of our picks, Bailey (Arkansas) and Aghayare (LSU)  from UFDA as three more SEC players and Ray Polk (Colorado [UFDA]) as the only Pac-12 representative in this year’s class. Speaking of UFDA I love the other additions of John Lotulelei and Akeem Davis to the mix of dark-horses to make the roster.

But back to the question of the hour to the 12′s … Who is your favorite drafted player for the Seahawks in 2013? (Respond in the comments section below)

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  • TerryinAtlanta

    Jesse Williams

  • Hawk_Eye

    For me it Jesse Williams. 1st round talent that dropped because teams were worried about his knees. We get him in the 5th round. What a steal! If this man can stay healthy, and I do mean man, he has the potential to just overpower players up the middle. I mean he’s 6,3″, 330 pounds, bench presses 600 pounds and runs a 4.9 40 yard dash. This man is very raw and has the potential to be a football star, cult hero and international celebrity with all his tattoo’s, his Australian background and crazy personality.

    • All Coug’d Up

      I’ll be starting a series tomorrow on what I like and wish they could’ve added at each position group. Jesse Williams will be a big part of what I like about DT’s for sure

  • HalfNuk

    CB Tharold Simon at 6’2″ 202 it’ll be fun to see what he’ll develop into.
    LOB baby!!

    • All Coug’d Up


  • GO HAWKS 72

    I’ll say Tharold Simon, however a total unknown project in 6’5″ 251 TE Luke Wilson kinda intrigues me.

    • All Coug’d Up

      Luke WiLLson is an intriguing pick to me as well, but only for the reason that there’s no way he comes off of the board before the 7th round and I think the value here was the only spot that I hated in the Seahawks Draft. He could’ve been a 7th rounder for us and I’d have been far more happy because he did produce in his sophomore and junior seasons for Rice. Also, because Jordan Mills (La Tech) was available here and could’ve become a really solid O-Line starter I am utterly disappointed in the reach. This was the one pick that I truly did not care for or understand because of when it was made, but I like Willson as a project.

      • cj

        It might seem odd, except that Oakland picked 2 TEs before the hawks had their next pick in the 6th round. One of them, Mychal Rivera, has a similar skill set, and graded lower than Willson. Perhaps the Hawks knew he might not be there if they waited. We know from the Bruce Irvin pick that if the Hawks want somebody, they don’t wait around.

        • All Coug’d Up

          That is a terrific point. I still personally thing Mills was a missed opportunity in this situation. But… BUT I do think they got a couple pieces that aren’t THAT far behind Mills and maybe even more G than T. We’ll see how it shakes out… I do kinda like the Wilson to WiLLson combo possibility

  • Killinemsoftly

    Spencer Ware is a monster. The most underrated draft pick we chose.

    • All Coug’d Up

      Very interesting thought. I don’t know that he’s a monster, but he certainly does more than people think. I think he’s going to be a favorite at FB here, despite the fact Robinson will be missed initially by the 12′s

  • 12thMan_Rising

    For me it’s Jordan Hill. I love me some inside pass rushers, and I think he’s going to be a very good one.

    • All Coug’d Up

      Hill is kinda the forgotten man among this list, but he certainly has the potential to make some noise up the middle. I think the biggest thing for him (well, and Williams) will be that he’ll be able to be fresh all the time. The rotation at DT is looking solid.

  • goldhunter

    Jessie Williams. Keep him under wraps until his knee is 100% and then unleash him about mid or late season. And insist those guys get 5,000 iu’s of D3 per day. It will keep their bones strong and prevent them from getting the flue at the worst possible time.

    • All Coug’d Up


  • Wyatt Converse

    Christine Michael! I can’t wait to see this guy break off some AP type runs. Not quite exactly, but I’m feeling pretty excited that we have Marshawn and Adrian Peterson’s clone on one team! Like I said, not quite, but not too far off either!!! How long till preseason?!?!

    • 12thMan_Rising

      It’s not until August. The next 3 months are the longest months of the year.

      • All Coug’d Up


        • 12thMan_Rising

          They’re even longer when the Mariners are bad. Or in other words, they’re always as long as possible.

  • Hawkman54

    For me it’s Jordan Mills. Never stop motor and he will GET stronger in the NFL. He has the moves already to be that guy providing pressure up the gut, which is what this team needs!

  • Hawkman54

    Number two is the receiver, (can never remember his name ) Has a great chance to be an Anquan Boldin type of guy! Then Jesse Williams.

  • Hawks fan in SF

    Can’t wait to see Michael bust one up right up the middle against the 9ers, but the idea of Ty Powell being able to play coverage and rush off the edge definitely intrigues me!