The Upside of TJack's Return

Welcome back TJack!

I couldn’t be happier that Tarvaris Jackson and the Seahawks have come to terms on a one year contract.

Even more, I’m pleased that he’ll be competing with Brady Quinn to be the backup QB behind Russell Wilson because, for TJack, last season with the Buffalo Bills was basically an exercise in futility.

Traded to the Buffalo Bills in preseason for a late round draft pick, Tarvaris was not activated for a single game. It defies logic that the Bills traded for him (even though it wasn’t an early draft pick) and then didn’t have him active and dressed for a single game last season. Perhaps they underestimated some of his better qualities, such as his toughness given his determination to play though a devastating injury in the Seahawks 2011 season.

Carroll’s assessment of TJack’s return is spot on. “We’re seizing the opportunity that one of our guys is out there, and we can bring him back in, and he’ll be able to help us. T-Jack has a strong arm, he understands the system and he’s tough as nails. That’s a lot of good stuff.”

One additional aspect that should be addressed is that during his time here, Jackson had the respect of the locker room. Several current players have already tweeted their support of TJack returning to the team.

Additionally, with Quinn’s starting record of 4-16, there would appear to be a lot of upside in bringing some competition to the backup QB spot.

So, welcome back TJack! We’re glad you’re here!

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  • Michael Wheeler

    I love the way Pete put it “One of our guys is out there and we can bring him back”. That statement really embodies the feeling of family this Seahawks team has about them. Once a Hawk always a Hawk. Great to see T Jack back in blue.

  • jimpassi

    let’s see 4 wins 16 loss’s
    or Tjacks 4 wins 4 loss’s
    witch ones better mmmmmmmmm
    win 4 & 4 50% is a lot better than 4 & 16 about 12%
    Tjack know’s how to win
    i have ta say so does Tbow

    • skeletony

      Tebow cannot win crap! He is even worse than Tavaris Jackson. The team he played on won those games. Even the most mediocre QB in the NFL will make 2 decent passes per game. Tebow’s just happened to come in the final 2 minutes several times in a row (which is statistically going to happen in a league that has so many teams playing so many games for 50 years.). Brady Quinn’s stats are largely irrelevant since he will not likely be on the team in week one and no one wants him quarterbacking our team.

  • All Coug’d Up

    The points I want to harp on are the “tough as nails” and “bring one of our guys back” comments by Carroll. TJack gutted out the second half of the season in 2011. I was always on the train of thought that the Hawks could’ve and would’ve won more games and made the playoffs had he been healthy. Also, the respect of the locker room is HUGE!

    A guy that can solidify the team and have the entire squad and coaching staff behind him 100% if something were to happen to Wilson, you can’t put a price on that in today’s NFL. The other point is; he doesn’t have the full athletic ability that Wilson possesses, but he has enough that the Hawks wouldn’t have to change much if that situation arose.

  • Hawkman54

    I’m Ok with it for one year . My main complaint is WHY don’t they have a young up and comer in the fold? There were guys out there to get but yet they didn’t do that, which is kind of mind boggling!

    • 12thMan_Rising

      That’s my concern as well. I would have loved to see them use one of the 7th rounders on Matt Scott or Ryan Aplin. This wouldn’t even be a concern had they done that.

      • All Coug’d Up

        I think they would’ve if they had addressed the OL earlier in the draft, but like they said, the guys they wanted were gone when Seahawks drafted. I’m sure it’s something they’ll address if Jackson doesn’t show significant improvement this season. Remember though, teams like the Steelers did this when Big Ben was first in the program, just held onto stop-gap guys for several seasons to hold down the fort. Jackson is better than either Charlie Batch or whoever else was there imo.

        On the other hand up and comers are more fitting in a situation where Brett Favre is in the final years of his contract and an Aaron Rodgers makes sense. Russell is in year 2 of what looks to be a decade of leading the team. An up and comer doesn’t exactly make sense, since he IS the up and comer. A vet presence that can keep a team together in a tough situation is more valuable at this point.

        • 12thMan_Rising

          What about Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Matt Hasselbeck, etc. Green Bay’s run of competitiveness is partly due to their drafting late rd QBs with potential and developing them to trade away for high picks.

          They did it the entire time they had Farve, not just with Rogers. No reason the Seahawks can’t do the same.

  • jimpassi

    lets see of the QB your talking about how many of them made it to play offs
    not one tebo did first year for bronkos what more can ya ask for
    he made a few good pass’s & ran
    granted too many bad ones

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