Seattle Seahawks and The 12thman host the New Orleans Saints

Hey, NOLA, guess who’s back, back again. Beast mode’s back, tell your friends.

Hawk Tawk is back!

Happy Blue Friday 12s!  Tomorrow, our Seattle Seahawks host the New Orleans Saints at the C’link.  Make sure to grab your Seahawks playoff tickets from PrimeSport if you’re looking to attend the game.  I was away from the computer last week for an important project which we will Tawk about further into this week’s installment of Hawk Tawk.  I am glad to be back, and as excited as a man can be for this weeks game.  Let’s Tawk some Hawk.

I see Skittles over there, get out of my way little fella.

The Saints are going to be bringing some attitude to the C’link, that much we know.  The last two times they have visited the Emerald City, they left looking more like the Aint’s than the Saints.  I expect Seattle will have their hands full containing New Orleans’ running game, but they need to do so successfully.  Drew Brees is an excellent quarterback, and The Legion Of Boom is the best defensive backfield in the game, so that match up is interesting.  I however, believe that this game will come down to who controls the ground.  If Seattle can force Brees to go to the air, they will have given themselves a significant advantage.   Ingram has been running the ball well, so Wagner and company will need to be on their “A” game.  The biggest part of stopping Brees will be to apply steady pressure.  If Avril, Bennett, and Clemons can stay in Brees’ face, especially for the first two series, then Seattle will have set themselves up for success.  New Orleans has the tendency to go to ground when Brees is getting a lot of pressure, which makes sense.  However, Brees is not as mobile as he once was, and in my opinion, gets rattled by consistent pressure.  Especially if that pressure consist of quarterback hits, sacks, and balls swatted down at the line of scrimmage.   Sean Payton wanted his team to practice in real conditions, he even went so far as to paint the Seahawk logo on their own practice field.  I say Mr. Dan Quinn and company accommodate their guests and give Drew Brees a taste of authentic Seattle Seahawk cuisine, a big healthy slice of C’link turf, served up raw and all up in his grill.  They will love the flavor, especially since the Seahawks are already so deep in their heads.  Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, and Chris Clemons need to show the nation that in Seattle, all the grass is greener…Ha!  see what I did there…..wait for it!  Go Hawks!

Two weeks ago against St. Louis, Marshawn Lynch got his wheels greased up and really looked solid.  I expect to see a lot of the “Beast” this week.  I would even go so far as to say the Beast may be found lined up outside as a receiver a few times.  You see, Percy Harvin is going to play, at least this week, and that changes things.  The Saints are going to have to scheme and plan for Percy Harvin’s presence on the field.  That alone opens doors for Marshawn, Tater, Dougie Fresh, Kearse, Miller and the Wil(l)son’s.  I am expecting a big offensive day for the Hawks tomorrow, and not just on offense.  I see Marshawn gaining over 90 yards on the ground, plus at least 15 in the air, Tater with around 75 yards receiving, Dougie Fresh with a critical highlight catch to extend an important drive or two and Kearse, Miller and Willson all contributing with sticky hands across the middle.  Percy is going to be Percy.  He will either run a kick off back for a touchdown or make a miraculous one-handed grab for a touchdown.  Dange-Russ will throw for 250+ and with Skittles gaining close to 100 yards on the ground, the Seattle offense will keep the pressure on Brees, making him play catch-up, making him make mistakes.  I see Seattle scoring on defense again, probably an interception return, but it may end up being a returned fumble.  At any rate, I see Seattle putting at least 28 on the board. Let’s call it 31, because I think Hauschka is going to want to say he contributed something other than four extra points.  Go Hawks!

Seattle is going to have to do some things better than they have been in the past four weeks.  Russell has been a little hesitant to stay in the pocket and let the lanes develop, and as a result has made some Dange-Russ throws.  Normally, his throws into coverage are pin point accurate so nobody sweats him.   Normally he hits his receivers in the sweet spot, and they are able to “take” the ball for the completion.  Lately Russell has been floating his throws a little too much, and his passer rating reflects that over the past four games.  Establishing the run will help Big Russ overcome these flaws and let him build his confidence.  Having Boo-Boo Harvin back will draw some of the coverage normally afforded to Tater and allow him to flourish as well.  At any rate, Wilson and his crew will need to be at the top of their game tomorrow to keep the game from being too close.  We, the 12th man, expect excellence.  I say to you, ask and Ye’ shall receive.  Go Hawks.

The 12thman is going to be incredible tomorrow.  They are going for the noise record again, and competing against themselves.  There is no better opponent in the league than the 12thman, and I cannot wait to see how they top themselves.  Go Hawks!

Tomorrow my friends and family, we go to war.  Tomorrow, all things in the past are no more.  At the dawn of the new day, nerves will be rattled, blood will be pressurized, tempers will flare.  I ask you to stand by me as The Seattle Seahawks defend what is rightfully theirs.  As the sun sets tomorrow we shall relish in the aftermath of brotherhood and Hawkdom.  We shall look for the next enemy to wage war upon.  We shall gather in the streets and proudly proclaim, “Go Hawks,” for that is the cry which ignites the fire in our warriors, and instills fear in those who oppose them.  Go Hawks!

By the way, I figure I owe you an explanation as to why I didn’t post Hawk Tawk last week (pretending that you really do care).  Pictures speak louder than words, right?  Then here you go, guess what I’ve been doing?  Go Hawks!

Go Hawksv1


I went all tear jerker on you there, and I do not apologize, for I am the 12th man.  You are the 12th man.  We are the 12th man, and tomorrow we will cheer our Seahawks to Victory.  Go Hawks and Amen.

Until the NFC Championship game, 12thman now, 12thman forever, Go Hawks!

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