Sep 7, 2013; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Paul Richardson (6) pulls in a long reception for a touchdown in the first quarter against the Central Arkansas Bears at Folsom Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft: Paul Richardson Will Be Seattle Seahawks' Equivalent to DeSean Jackson

The Colorado Buffaloes didn’t do much this past season on the football field, but when they did wide receiver Paul Richardson was almost always involved. Richardson is now a Seattle Seahawk after being selected at No. 45.

John Schneider is known for his willingness to trade back, so the Hawks moved back twice to add some depth to their draft and per usual still got a terrific player to add to the depth of their team. After bringing back Sidney Rice a couple of weeks ago, most believed that Seattle was going to use their first pick on an offensive or defensive lineman.

The Seahawks are believed to have wanted Dominique Easley from Florida, but when he went at No. 29 to the Patriots they moved back into the second round. After the second move to add yet another pick later in the draft, they jumped on Richardson.

Believe it or not, the Colorado star makes the Seahawks even faster offensively. The experts described him as “slight in build” and “smallish” at 6’0″, 175 lbs, but more than one thing stands out about Richardson. The obvious first thing that comes to mind is true 4.3 forty-yard dash speed. With top-end speed already on the field in Percy Harvin and Ricardo Lockette, there simply isn’t a defensive backfield that will be able to match Seattle’s offense on the outside.

The second thing that stands out is the possibility as a punt returner. With Golden Tate heading to Detroit, the Hawks were in need of a play-maker there and Richardson fits the bill as a very explosive athlete. Speaking of Tate, we all remember some of the terrific catches he made. Richardson made some of the most acrobatic and ridiculous catches you’ll ever see at CU and brings even more speed to the position on the outside, there just isn’t. All of that transfers well to returning punts, so we’ll see there but we can expect Richardson to at least get a shot at the job initially.

Personally, I just love Paul Richardson. He has been one of the receivers I’ve been hoping for leading up to the draft over the past two months. HERE I called Richardson one of the picks Seattle could make to become one of the most explosive six-deep receiving cores in the NFL. HERE I listed him as a wishlist item for the Seahawks. HERE I was talking about the misconceptions of the needs at WR for this team and while it was technically driven towards a “need” for DeSean Jackson, everything I talked about applies to Richardson.

I love the guy and think he is a huge addition for Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense. If you watch him on tape you can see it, every issue they brought up with Jackson is something they brought up with Richardson.

Message to the NFL: Watch Out for Paul Richardson. The Seahawks offense is back, better and faster than ever.

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  • Erockalypse

    Wilson has yet to show me that he can lead a fast receiver up the field. If you watch the games closely he even doubts himself to wing it and either dumps it off short or runs. Which is intelligent knowing his own limitations. But fact still remains. Not a deep threat QB for deep threat targets. 10 yard dump offs all year hoping one busts loose.

    • Hawk_Eye

      Give me a break! Russell Wilson throws one of the best deep balls in the NFL!

      • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

        He really does, and it’s even more impressive that he does it after running around for 5 to 7 seconds. I think he’d out-throw Brees any day

        • Erockalypse

          Wilson doesn’t give the O-line time to develop a pocket. Try forming a semi circle around a bunny on meth. That’s Wilson. He good, I dig the guy, but Brees has two back to back 5k+ pass yard years. Even in a pass happy program Wilson would never reach that plateau. Get . Off. His. Jock.

    • JTism

      I’m pretty sure Wilson has more 20+ yards completions than the rest of the league, and as we all know he’s not a drop back QB with a 3 step dump off to receivers “hoping one busts loose”

      • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)


      • Erockalypse

        I’m pretty positive that Seattle only had five. count em 1,2,3,4,5 teams with fewer 20+ pass plays during the last season. Try being educated rather than opinionated. Also I’ve been a season ticket holder for the last 8 years. I’m a fan, but I’m also not blind nor dumb. I love my team, but also can call out their weaknesses. Delusions of grandeur in most these comments here.

        • angrysquirrel

          You have it backwards. There were only four teams with more 25+ pass plays than the Seahawks, putting them fifth from the top, not the bottom.

    • Gary-D

      He hit receivers down field. I think what you are talking about, are from the amount of plays that Wilson had to scramble on. If he had time, he could and went deeper. they also had it set up in a way as a West Coast offense, lot of short passes with the longer one in there at times. Why I hope they can get another OL player.

      • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

        well said

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

      2 things here that I want to address. 1) You have to be careful in over-analyzing this one because Russell’s a kid who only takes calculated risks and hasn’t yet had a guy who can blow by people and create that separation yet. They really don’t run a whole lot of “vertical” routes with their fast guys, yet they make plenty of plays down the field. Think back to 2 yrs ago when Russ found Sidney for that game winner against NE. Last year he threw three perfect touchdowns to Kearse over the top at Car, in ATL and against SF. I realize that these aren’t the “fast players” you’re talking about, but RW really hasn’t had a chance to prove that yet. Most of the time it’s Russell running around then finding his guy on the run so it seems like he’s always behind but he has a much stronger arm then you realize and is plenty capable of out-throwing the coverage down the field.

      2) That being said, like PC mentioned last night, PR brings a completely new element to this team as a “blow the top off” kinda player, which is why I mentioned DeSean. We’re talking about a kid who can truly just outrun a one-on-one matchup on the outside. And he’s different than Percy, who is more of a find-the-guy in space and let him run sorta player. After a Summer and Fall of camp Russ will realize you can’t overthrow this kid and it will expand Russ’s game even more to where you’ll see him throw one up and let Paul go get it. Also PC will start calling more verticals with both Percy and Paul on the field. With the threat of Lynch back there, this is now truly a scary offense.

  • Hawkman54

    I hope he can put on some meat – @ 170 or so he won’t be able to take any big hits for long. As far as the long throws, Wilson throws deep well to the right and ok to the left. IF he had a bit more time ( The OLine) he could probably be top ten in the league.

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

      I don’t understand this “too little” sentiment. He says he’s up to 183 which means he’ll play around 175 next season. DeSean is exactly 175 and has done just fine. When you’re that fast everything else is overrated. This kid won’t be taking a whole lot of big hits, he didn’t in high school, he didn’t in college and he won’t in the NFL. He’ll take a few but he’s one of the rare ones that really understands how to avoid collisions and will surprise people by how “durable” he is. Just like Russell understands avoiding contact as a QB, this kid understands better than most out on the edge.