Seahawks News: Could NFL's Deepest Roster Afford Andre Johnson?

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Dec 5, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson (80) carries the ball against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. The Jaguars defeated the Texans 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Much like he did in Houston, Johnson would immediately turn any fringe-squad such as  into a playoff contender but based on his original reasoning he would relish going to a place like New England or Seattle much more than Cleveland, Carolina or Oakland. Making it viable for a team in the upper echelon of the league to take him on in year one to go after a ring is something he would apparently be willing to do, as long as he gets everything he is owed. For Seattle to pull him out, it might take a little more charity on the side of the Texas-sized superstar.

Miguel Benzan of did a nice piece up for New England on what the possible contract scenarios would be for the Patriots to acquire Johnson. Seattle has more younger pieces than NE that they could center the trade around too, if this restructure thing were to be an option for Pete Carroll and John Schneider. They’d pay pretty heavily in 2015 and 2016 but by letting a couple high-priced non-priorities go, they might be able to swing it.

The biggest issue with any potential deal is of course that Houston really doesn’t like the dead-cap situation. At the moment isn’t willing to give up $12 million and their best player, though a huge pot of return goods would definitely cause a stir. Right now the Hawks may be one of the only teams deep enough to create and throw together such a pot that Houston couldn’t refuse if they’re serious about winning the AFC.

Another issue, in the Hawks’ case, is that Pete Carroll has built his offense on toughness and athleticism and he absolutely loves Marshawn, which likely puts Lynch out of the trade picture this season (at least I would assume) as he is the identity of everything they do offensively.

This isn’t quite like the Klay Thompson/Kevin Love saga between Golden State and Minnesota, after all. While the Warriors want to re-sign Klay for big money and really center their offense around him, the Seahawks soon won’t be able to afford Lynch’s contract, he has to go at some point. But he still might be Pete Carroll’s favorite chess piece.

If it were next season, this would be a better scenario to trade the RB away and dump his contract (though they wouldn’t save any money in the long run doing that), but this season might not work at all that way. Adding Johnson would definitely replace the athletic loss on the field, but it would also change the offense at least somewhat. You can’t have all those elite weapons running around and not throw the ball more, you just can’t.

Finally, the other big issue is two-fold; that the Seahawks don’t need an Andre Johnson to be Super Bowl (repeat) contenders and that the team is already fashioned in such a way that they will be able to deal with the massive and vital future contract of Russell Wilson after next season. It already won’t necessarily be easy as-is. Adding another huge multiple-year contract just makes that even more difficult, maybe too difficult.

Bottom line it would be sweet to see a Russell Wilson to that ridiculous pairing of receivers in Seattle, but the ramifications are likely pretty severe if Seattle has any shot of pulling the trigger because they have so much cap space tied up in their Defense right now. The deal would be a Madden-gamer’s dream, but it’s likely just not feasible on paper unless the Texans take on at least two, possibly three pretty large contracts from Seattle as well as their $12 million dead-cap space.

All that said, Andre Johnson to Seattle probably won’t happen, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground just in case.

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  • aicdragon29 .

    Mmmmm… dont much care for the prospect. Would improve the ralent in the receiving corps? Sure. But I think our corps is deeper than its been in years plus with Rice and Harvin hopefully staying healthy for a full season(something I dont think you factor in as a what if they dont sitch), I think the corps is just fine. In comparison, I just dont see a big enough upside to the trade off downside to the situation. Too many casualties(players and picks) that it would mess with the depth and very likely the chemistry on the team. Furthermore, Schneider made his name as a GM that builds through youth and/or the draft. This does not fit that MO. Granted the Harvin trade doesnt either. But we didnt trade away a couple of veteran mainstays on top of a couple pieces to the future away. A second and/or third round draft pick to the Hawks has recently been a first rounder type player to most others… hell, that doesnt even include the already arduous task of getting Wilson resignee. The cap space etc. No… with all due respect to Andre Johnson. No. In a perfrct world where theres no cap and no worries… sure. Bring him on. But this isnt that scenario. So… Nope.

    • JohnPaul Sein

      Couldn’t agree more! Our corps is just fine as it is… sides we haven’t even seen richardson and Norwood in action

      • disqus_GQB6dqiihC

        We haven’t really seen Harvin either!

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

      Very intelligent post here dragon! I very much like your argument

    • Paddy

      I agree. I don’t even want to think about how the run D will perform if they go into the season without Mebane and Bryant. Those guys were a huge reason why the Seahawks were top 10 against the run and shut certain teams down as opposed to being well below average against the run. I just don’t know if the Seahawks want to go all in with an old K. Williams, chronically injured past in J. Williams, and another couple injury guys Hill, Scruggs from last year. Sounds very risky when Wilson already completed 63% of his passes last year without Harvin.

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    • BARRY

      Check with the FTC. Google Money Tree is a scam.

  • Trakar

    Hate it. Certainly not worth any of the trades you suggested, especially for an older receiver when we are loaded at the position and a Run first team by design and plan. Are you a closet Niner fan? suggesting that we shoot ourselves in the leg and then take the bus to the ER?

    • wheelz808

      Yes… we are now dumber from reading this article. Houston might drool over getting our players, but we’re much better off with what we have.

    • Paddy

      Definitely. This article would love for the Seahawks to lose Mebane along with Bryant this year. That would potentially be a SB killing move because I’m betting the Seahawks run D would go way down without Mebane. I just don’t have full confidence in K. and J. Williams, or Staten. They need to prove themselves and stay healthy for a season before I’ll be jumping on their bandwagon.

      • aicdragon29 .

        I agree losing Bryant definately hurts the run D… I dont think anyone could affectively argue against that. And I firmly believe Mebane is one of the unsung heroes on the Hawks. Hawks fans give him his due, but with Thomas, Sherman, and Chancellor being all pro type players(one could even argue imo with Thomas at free safety, some undervalue Chancellor) and overall depth to the defense as a whole I think Mebane isnt acknowledged enough by the press. That being said, I think te Williams’ will do great since the D utilizes a rotation and depth at all positions keeping guys fresh. Yea K Will is on the downside of his career, but much like the prospect of J Allen coming here, the ability to keep guys fresh it huge. Hell, some that dont understand that concept scrutinized the front office for giving Bennet the large payday citing how he “only” got 8 sacks… but playing only about 65% of the snaps AND getting 8 sacks is huge… on top of being the physical presence he has been as well.

        But I digress, the run D really only gave up 4 big running games last season. One imo was that they slept on Tampa initially… another was to Minnesota(should we be surprised they had 135 yds? Maybe… with AP it could have easily been much more) then Houston(but the compensation was allowing only 175 yds passing) and St Louis when we gave up 200… imo again they slept on them. The upshot on those games were that they were all “W”s. But even allowing about 160 yds to those 4 teams on the ground, the Hawks only allowed just over 101 yds a gm on the ground, w/ only a 3.9 avg. Sure Bryant played a decent part in that, but hes one man. So I hardly consider the run D in any danger. I get that youre correllating the potential affect of losing Bryant AND Mebane. But the only moves that havent really worked thus far for Schneider and Carroll were taking chances on guys that were already in the league but unproven(like Whitehurst). Many thought signing Bennett initially, even to the 1 year contract was a risk with his shoulder injury and all. I have total faith in the moves they make… this is not the Holmgren regime where they sign all these guys that are in the twilight of their careers to big money contracts. This is still a youth first team, w/ the seasoned veterans to complement the deep rotation. I think the run D will be good to go…

        • Paddy

          Definitely. I think losing Mebane would be killer though. Mebane and Bryant were both guys who plugged holes despite being double teamed. I think they’ll weather the loss of Bryant because of their depth. Losing two guys who command that kind of attention would be bad news though. I’m sure K. Williams could fill in at NT decently, but I don’t know if I have faith in the depth behind him (Staten/J Williams). J. Williams is still an injury risk in my opinion and hasn’t been tested yet.

          I’ll also add in the away game in SF as another bad game for the run D. They did well most of the game, but that final game sealing run by Gore ended a game the Seahawks could have finally come out of SF with a win after not doing so for a number of years.

          • aicdragon29 .

            Yes, that run by Gore was killer but it was a lapse on one play. Personally feel that any defense with any set of players could give up a fluke play on any given day. Thats why I dont really count that. They shut them down all game long until that one play. But regardless, you could technically even list the NFC Championship game, but the reason I dont, is that the Hawks were taking away the passing routes and trying to get Kaep to run or throw where he shouldnt, and he was poking holes in the D for most of the game. But eventually they sealed him off… but with all that said, we’re technically on the same page cuz Mebane isnt and shouldnt go anywhere. And if the writer thinks the Hawks D line is just fine losing Mebane or trading hom away or whatever, well then he best go sober up.

  • Paddy

    So, in other words, this author thinks it would be a good idea to trade away the heart and soul of the offense (Lynch even for one more year) and perhaps get rid of one of the best NT’s in the NFL to create a logjam at WR (Harvin, Johnson, Baldwin, Kearse, Richardson, Norwood)? The Seahawks just lost 3 guys on the DL (one of them a strong run defender), so it makes little sense to get rid of a 4th (best run defender on the team). You can bet money on it that teams like GB, 49ers, Rams, etc. would be running at the Seahawks all day if they dismantled their run D like that. The offense has the pieces to score a lot of points and win SB’s with balance and efficiency, but I think the D is by far the most fragile because of how good they were last season. It’s a lot easier for a historic defense to drop off than an offense that was decent last year, but endured loads of injuries. I can honestly see the Seahawks run D sliding to below average in the NFL if they lose Mebane along with Bryant.