Haynesworth Update


Posted by: Shaun Dolence

Albert Haynesworth, the biggest name this offseason in regards to free agency, has been opening up recently about what kind of contract he is looking for, and potential hints of where he would prefer to play next year. From an article written by Jaymes Song, Associated Press:

"Haynesworth could become an unrestricted free agent, and by extension the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. That’s if the Titans aren’t able to sign their All-Pro defensive tackle to a new contract by Feb. 27.And the word is, he’s not giving any discounts to stay in Nashville.“I want to be the top, not among the top,” Haynesworth said Wednesday. “That’s how the market goes. They put you as the top free agent, so you got to demand top dollar. It’s not me. I’m not making up these numbers, it’s you guys that come up with the numbers, so I go by that too.”Is Tennessee willing up to open its wallet, or in Haynesworth’s case – the vault?“Hopefully the Titans step up, if they don’t, I’m looking,” he said."

I don’t think I want to break the bank for this guy, but he sure would look damn good in a Seahawks uniform. Is relocation to the west coast a possibility for Albert? (And yes, I know Mebane is already #92 … still looks good though, right?)