Seahawks Go “Green”


As reported by ESPN’s Chris Berman prior to the weekend, the Seattle Seahawks are going to wear the lime-green alternate jerseys today against the Chicago Bears.

Originally a hoax in April, the fluorescent jerseys aren’t a brand new idea. The Seahawks Pro Shop has been selling green jerseys for some time, including a “premier” version of the alternate.

The Seahawks have slowly adopted the green accent, which was just an afterthought when the new logo and jerseys were introduced in 2002. In recent years, players have opted for lime-green shoes, gloves, and sideline gear.

The NFL allows an optional third alternate jersey, but until now the Seahawks have chosen not to use one.

Today will be the debut of the lime-green alternate jersey.

Expect an interesting sound as the Seahawks exit the tunnel today – one-third of the fans in disbelief, another third in disgust, and the last third loving every second.

As for me, I like the idea. They may be hard on the eyes up close, but I think the Seahawks will look good from the bleachers. And hell, if it helps Seneca Wallace find an open receiver, we should make it the primary selection.

The use of the alternate jersey has been confirmed by Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. The Seahawk are going “green”.