Coach Carroll Answers Questions Via Twitter


Last month, Pete Carroll intrigued Twitter followers by listing several “clues” as to who the Seahawks would select in the NFL Draft.

Each new clue was a song title, and most followers were puzzled with the ambiguity and mystery that developed with each new tweet. Whether Carroll was seriously revealing Seattle’s draft strategy or just fooling around on Twitter is unknown, but Seattle’s newest head coach definitely knows how to entertain on social media.

Earlier this afternoon, Carroll offered his followers a new opportunity:

"who’s got questions? gonna answer some for the next few minutes… fire away!"

Here is a dialogue of the ensuing question and answer session:

"@GJFinch Are you confident that y’all have put together an OL?@PeteCarroll When we get Russell all squared away, that’ll be a big step for us@kensing45 What are ur thoughts on Cushing drug test news?@PeteCarroll Dont know any of facts but it certainly takes away from the great season he had@KoryKeys Biggest adjustment from going college to pro for you?@PeteCarroll There’s a lot more time to focus on football in the NFL@bricesdad you gonna wear those bright green jerseys this year?@PeteCarroll i’m not!@ABetterLA What’s your favorite place to eat in Los Angeles?@PeteCarroll uncle bill’s@Dennis_Prouse What is the one area of the Seahawks’ game that you feel you can improve right away?@PeteCarroll pass defense@samfetchero how has Whitehurst looked so far this spring?@PeteCarroll he’s very talented and we’re really excited about his addition to the team@MonteTXboy Do you think Earl Thomas will be able to come in and contribute at a high level right away?@PeteCarroll immediately!@PeteCarroll GM john schneider just stepped into the twitter world… any questions for him??@silverkangaroo What do you enjoy most about living in Seattle versus LA?@PeteCarroll the water and mountain views@sullivan4842 how long do you need to get the Hawks back to NFC West domination?@PeteCarroll we’re aiming for year 1@tikitomoka who ya got winning the NBA Finals?@PeteCarroll john says lakers, i say lakers@therealtbolm How does Qwest field rank against the colosseum@PeteCarroll dont know yet, cant wait to see… only been there for a sounders game so far@johnsontrading2 What’s your favorite restaurant in Seattle?@PeteCarroll john s.: jack’s in issaquah@ChrisRhodes23 Do you think JaMarcus Russell will get another chance in the NFL?@PeteCarroll john s.: yes, depending on how committed he is@ArthurHur Where’s your favorite place to get coffee in Seattle?@PeteCarroll dont drink coffee! only mt dew@PeteCarroll ok got to run to defensive staff mtg…. thanks for the questions, that was fun… let’s do it again soon, yeah?"

Don’t miss out on the next question and answer session; if you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow coach Carroll. If anything, it is worth the entertainment.

Shaun Dolence:
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