Roger Craig: The 49ers Will Annihilate The NFC West


Former 49ers running back Roger Craig made some headlines over the weekend by predicting the San Francisco 49ers will win the NFC West in 2010.

“The 49ers will be a playoff team this season. I’m making that prediction,” Craig told AOL Fanhouse. “They were 8-8 last season. You saw what happened.”

Craig continued to ramble about how the 49ers could have easily finished the season 12-4, citing four games that the team should have – and could have – easily won. Of the four games, Craig mentioned a 20-17 loss in week 13 to the Seattle Seahawks.

“So that’s 12-4 right there. Those four games could have changed the season around. They were that close. I think they’re going to be very strong contenders this year.”

And despite Craig’s confidence in San Francisco’s football team, he didn’t forget to point out that other teams in the NFC West are struggling.

“You think about the division – Kurt Warner isn’t with Arizona anymore, so they’re going to be rebuilding, and Anquan Boldin is gone. And Pete Carroll is going to have a tough time the first year. He’s not going to come out of the gate really dominating the West.”

Opinionated and confident, but still quite humorous that Craig didn’t even bother mentioning the St. Louis Rams.

If Roger Craig is correct, “the 49ers are the perfect team to annihilate the NFC West.”

Of course, Craig didn’t leave the interview without taking at least one more shot at the Seattle Seahawks. Commenting on Taylor Mays, who Craig considers a huge steal as a second-round pick, he cannot wait for the former Southern Cal player to take revenge on Pete Carroll. “I can’t wait until [Taylor Mays] plays against Seattle, because I know his horns will be out and he’ll be ready to take some heads off.”

I suppose you could say we have been warned.

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