Qwest Field Gets a Makeover


Have you seen Qwest Field lately?

If you haven’t, the roof of the stadium has changed quite dramatically. Instead of a dirt-covered top that used to look white, the stadium now dons a bright, blue-covered dome.

Not Seahawks blue. Instead, the shade is identical to the royal blue found in the Qwest Field logo. Quite noticeable, and a little refreshing for the scenery around downtown Seattle.

If you saw Qwest Field prior to the new paintjob, you noticed that the once-white stadium had collected quite a bit of dirt and grime from years of enduring weather in the Pacific Northwest. Apparently, someone in the planning process forgot that white shows dirt.

I haven’t been demanding for change, but every time I would drive past, I’d reminisce of how nice the white stadium looked when it first opened. In fact, a few months ago, I addressed this minor dilemma in a short post:

"Last Saturday, I was driving past the stadium on my way to Seattle Center with some friends and I couldn’t help but notice the stadium. As a proud Seahawks fan, I often take a second to think how great it is every Sunday when filled with over sixty-five thousand.This particular moment, however, was different. I recall making a comment to one of my friends, admitting to the impure visual: “They really should’ve thought about making the roof a darker color; you can’t even tell it is white anymore.”I’m not usually one to complain about minor things like unkempt lawns, unpleasant structures (the Alaskan Way viaduct), or horrid tourist attractions (the EMP); hell, if it is Fall and the Seahawks are winning football games, I could care less."

It was definitely a surprising sight to see Qwest Field clean (again) and blue.

Shaun Dolence: dolencesm@gmail.com
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