Win Forever or Cheat Forever?


By now, everyone is probably aware of Pete Carroll’s new book, “Win Forever.”

From the book’s official web site:

"Win Forever is a proven system of success for those who compete to maximize their potential in sports, entertainment, philanthropy, business, and life. A coaching philosophy inspired by former University of Southern California and current Seattle Seahawks head football coach Pete Carroll, Win Forever is the ‘New Generation of Coaching for the Next Generation of Athlete.’"

Not everyone is buying into Carroll’s philosophy.

Mike Florio, the writer at who regularly criticizes Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, mocks Carroll’s new book and frequently refers to it as “Cheat Forever.”

Carroll, of course, is feeling the heat after the NCAA dropped the hammer on Southern California. Under Carroll’s watch, the Trojans violated several rules and have received harsh sanctions as a result.

The Trojans never cheated between the sidelines during football games, but somehow Pete Carroll, the NFL head coach, is a cheater.

Florio’s joke has inspired Photoshop enthusiasts to mock the actual cover of Win Forever. Maybe I’m giving too much credit to Florio, but he was the first writer I’m aware of to call Carroll’s book “Cheat Forever.”

Anyway, here is the result:

Shaun Dolence:
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