San Diego Chargers Willing to Trade Vincent Jackson


It could be time to start thinking about Vincent Jackson again.

While I don’t think it will – or should – happen, the Seahawks have shown interest in acquiring Jackson this offseason. And the Chargers, who were originally opposed to dealing their productive receiver, have apparently opened up to the idea of a trade.

The Chargers are facing tough personnel decisions with offensive tackle Marcus McNeil, Jackson, and perhaps linebacker Shawne Merriman becoming holdouts. Merriman should be a little easier to deal with, but McNeil and Jackson could become ugly holdouts that last well into the regular season.

Chargers general manager A.J. Smith recently said he might be willing to trade Vincent Jackson, but Marcus McNeil probably isn’t going anywhere.

It is definitely a situation worth keeping an eye on; the rumor mill identifies Seattle as one of San Diego’s likely trading partners (probably because of an admitted interest in acquiring Jackson). But what franchise, if the price is right, wouldn’t want to add a Pro Bowl talent to its roster?

The Seahawks were interested in trading for Brandon Marshall earlier this offseason. They were linked to T.O. rumors before head coach Pete Carroll abruptly shot them down. They invested a second-round pick in the NFL Draft on Golden Tate, a talented prospect out of Notre Dame.

It seems obvious the franchise would like to upgrade its group of wide receivers. But at what cost?

To acquire Brandon Marshall, the Miami Dolphins sent two second-round picks to Denver and rewarded the disgruntled wide receiver a huge, new contract. But Miami is a possible contender, and the Seahawks are clearly rebuilding.

Parting with second-round picks in consecutive years would be counterproductive for a rebuilding team; spending cash on skilled positions is pointless when you’re thin in the trenches. A rebuilding team needs to focus on acquiring as much young talent as possible, and in my opinion, should build from the inside-out.

I don’t think the San Diego Chargers want to get rid of their Pro Bowl talent. They’d probably prefer to retain Vincent Jackson and other potential holdouts.

But if A.J. Smith is willing to deal Jackson, don’t expect the price tag to be any cheaper than Brandon Marshall’s.

If Smith was able to play the market and receive compensation greater than the tender for Charlie Whitehurst, do you really think he’ll except anything less than what Jackson is worth? Jackson isn’t as productive as Marshall, but their value should be similar in a trade.

If Vincent Jackson is available, would you want the Seattle Seahawks to pursue him? And at what cost?

Now that the Chargers are reportedly willing to at least consider trading Jackson, expect the rumors to pick up steam again. And for no other reason than previous interest, the Seahawks will probably be the first team mentioned.

Shaun Dolence:
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