Yep. It’s Rebuilding Time.


It is officially time to panic regarding certain aspects of the Seahawks.

Although the run game looked moderately improved, it had little impact as the Hawks only managed to score 3 points. I am sorry to have to say this, but Justin Forsett is not the guy. I love his heart, and he seems like a nice enough guy, but he lacks the explosion and elusiveness needed to be an every down back in the NFL. Although Forsett had a few good runs yesterday, he never really looked like he could make a guy miss at will. He seems to spend too much time on a juke move that never fools the defender.

For a guy of Forsett’s size, your moves are everything. It’s been no secret that Forsett lacked speed and power, however, many thought his elusiveness could compensate. Well, it can’t. During Sunday’s game against the Rams, Forsett could never seem to break out. He had some nice runs for decent yardage, but could never make the last guy miss and really get up the field. Superstar running backs like Ricky Watters and Curt Warner gave linebackers nightmares. They could score from anywhere on the field. Forsett is just not that guy. He’s an average back on a less than average offense during a rebuilding year.

OK. There, I said it.

After yesterday, it is obviously a “rebuilding” year. I was so enamored with the flash and charm of Pete Carroll along with “no nonsense” attitude of new GM John Schneider that I thought maybe we could just replace the rebuilding with a transition and find some success in what looks to be one of the worst divisions in the history of the NFL. Optimism is a natural reaction for fans of this team. It’s been the only thing in the fridge on a consistent basis since 1976. The bad thing about optimism is that it quickly turns to disappointment, and the longer you wait for it to turn, the worse it is.

Clean out the fridge now and save yourself the trouble this year.

There are still a few interesting things left to watch this season: Enjoy watching Earl Thomas blossom into what may become one of the elite safeties in the league. Enjoy watching Leon Washington and Golden Tate return kicks and punts. Enjoy watching a formidable run defense that has yet to give up a 100 rushing game (Passing…? That’s another story). Enjoy going to one of the most beautiful stadiums in the NFL and yelling your eyeballs out.

But do not think you’re going to enjoy anything about the post season besides the draft pick we’ll get for not being there.