“Beast Mode.” That’s what..."/>

“Beast Mode.” That’s what..."/>

“Beast Mode.” That’s what..."/>

From “Bust” Back to “Beast”


“Beast Mode.” That’s what Marshawn Lynch calls it.

Right now I am just going to refer to it as “Hype Mode.”

Lynch was a “Beast” type runner his first 2 seasons with the Bills. He went for over 2000 yards rushing and nearly 500 yards receiving his first 2 seasons in Buffalo before a few off-field incidents, Fred Jackson, and eventually C. J. Spiller cut into his playing time.

Lynch’s last year in Buffalo was anything but “Beast Mode.” He only rushed for 450 yards with an average of 3.8 ypc. His attitude was deteriorating along with his reputation. He was involved in an alleged hit and run as well as a gun charge which he was later suspended for. It seemed as though Lynch was going from “Beast” to “Least.”

I cannot help but think of the parallels between Leroy Hill and Marshawn Lynch. Leroy Hill was a major factor on defense during Seattle’s Super Bowl run. He seemed to have 2 very good years before some personal issues shifted his focus from football to his personal issues.

I believe it is time for Leeroy to move on. I don’t have any hard feelings, but I just think too much has happened to him in Seattle to ever be successful as a Seahawk again. If he were, however, to go to another city, it may rejuvenate his career. Sometimes all a guy needs is a fresh start in a new town. It worked for Randy Moss in New England (at least for a season or two) and looks to be working for LT in New York, so why wouldn’t it work for Leroy Hill and Marshawn Lynch?

The truth is that I am ecstatic to see what Lynch can do over the next season and a half (his contract is up at the end of the next season). I believe that a few good games could move him from “Hype Mode” to “Hope Mode” for me, however, I can’t help but be a little skeptical. This season has already been a roller coaster of expectations, payoffs, and disappointment. I can’t help but also compare Lynch to Julius Jones who was supposed to resurrect his career in Seattle and never did.

Marshawn Lynch has a long way to go in order to refer to his style as “Beast Mode” again. I don’t think that it helps to be on an offense that is as bad as or worse than the Bills’, but if he can find success by the end of this season, he truly will be the “Beast” he claims to be.

My question to the fans of Seattle is this: What criteria will define Marshawn Lynch as a “Beast” or “Bust” by the end of this season?

I say:
1,300 makes him a beast
1,000 makes him worth it
800 hope to do better in the contract year
600 Bust