Key to the Game in Chicago

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Is 2-2 any worse or better than you thought the Seahawks would becoming off the bye week?

Granted, they laid an egg (get it?) in St. Louis, however, they stole a game from the Chargers that no one expected them to. I am not surprised or ecstatic about the record. It’s about where I thought they would be at this point of the season. I have been disappointed with specifics such as the entire offense, defense against the pass, and some of the college play calling by Pet Carroll as his re-acclimation to the NFL continues.

Seattle currently ranks 31st against the pass. That’s 2nd to last. We made Sam Bradford look like the next Joe Montana only to see the Detroit Lions bring him back to the reality of a rookie season. In other words, Matt Hasselbeck got outplayed by a rookie and our entire team got outplayed by the Lions.

My other main concern is with Pete Carroll’s inability to accept that he is coaching the Seahawks and not the Trojans. His play calling concerning 4th down has been questionable at best. I like that he is willing to take a risk, but it’s jus the lack of an “every now and then” phrase that he is missing. If you take a risk every once in a while and it pays off, you’re considered a genius. If you take a risk all the time and it rarely pans out, you’re considered an amateur. I am hoping for Pete to speed the process of moving from one distinction to the other up.