It wasn’t pretty, but I will ..."/>

It wasn’t pretty, but I will ..."/>

It wasn’t pretty, but I will ..."/>

Seattle Takes Control of the NFC West

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As much as I hated watching newcomer Sam Bradford pick the Seahawks apart in St Louis, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Cardinals without Kurt Warner. Now that he is retired and no longer a part of the NFC West, I hope it is safe to say this: Kurt Warner was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. His lack of presence on the Arizona Cardinals is a void which will take years to fill. This is great news for Hawks fans as I feel absolutely no sympathy for Arizona.

The Seahawk offense is a hard entity to describe. At times it looks great: Marshawn Lynch averaged 3.7 ypc against Arizona and has been in an all out “Beast Mode” during his first 2 games. He is by far the most aggressive and violent runner the Seahawks have ever had. Mike Williams seems to have flipped the switch finishing with 21 catches, 210 yards, and 1 touchdown in his last 2 games. He is garnishing comparisons to Larry Fitzgerald as he looks absolutely unstoppable at times.

The offensive line looked terrible after losing Okung… again to injury. After a solid game in Chicago, Seattle’s offensive line gave up 5 sacks on Sunday. They also struggled to really establish a consistent run. As great as Olindo Mare looked, one can’t help to be reminded that all those field goals are a result of the offense not being able to finish the job.

All things being said, we’ll take the win, however, I am still not drinking the Kool-Aide yet. I am not sure that we have really controlled an entire game. It feels like the Hawks are eeking out wins over wounded teams. I feel the true test will come in a couple of weeks when the Hawks face the Giants, Saints, and a surprising Kansas City team that will be a great test of the run defense.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to sound disappointed in the Seahawks thus far. Truth is that I am a bit surprised, but I am not ready to bask in the idea that we are an elite team… not yet anyway. I think that what the Hawks have done in the course of one offseason is very impressive and I cannot wait to see how things develop over the next couple of seasons. I think this team is in the process of gaining momentum. Whether or not it is enough to make a run in the playoffs by the end of the year has yet to be determined.