Still Waiting for Carlson and The Beast


Everybody has shown flashes of it: Mike Williams, Ben Obomanu, Matt Hasselbeck, Justin Forsett, Deon Butler, but two guys that seem to be missing are Carlson and Lynch.

Carlson has had only 2 games with at least 5 catches. In fact he only has 25 receptions so far and a meager 254 total yard. The most troubling stat is 1 touchdown. That touchdown needs a friend just like John Carlson does right now.

I have to be careful because I do like the guy, and keeping up with Williams, Butler, and Obomanu can be tough, but as of the last few years, he really has been about average at best. I associate him with more drops than the occasional big play.

He’s not the go-to-guy you’d like him to be, but you still like having him on the team. I wanted John Carlson to be a leader, but he is not. He’s a great guy and a tight-end who still has to live up to his potential. Can he get there by the end of this season? I hope so for his sake. Pete Carroll has shown that he’s not afraid to replace a guy who is better than what he’s got, and there are a lot of tight ends better than Carlson out there.

Marshawn Lynch is a different story. His carries have diminished and he had an absolute meltdown against New Orleans, however, he runs harder than any Seahawk back in recent memory. He consistently has been turning what are sure to be 5 yard losses into 1 yard gains. He moves piles of men from the center for yards at a time.
He’s the guy that I point to when people don’t understand what it was I didn’t like about Alexander.

Marshawn runs angry with a blatant disregard for anything but moving forward. He doesn’t run hard close to the end zone or for a big game, he runs hard on every play, every down. Every time he touches the ball, he runs as though it were his last. Beast Mode.

Unfortunately the Beast has been shackled by his own offensive line. I cannot wait to see what Lynch can do beyond the line of scrimmage for a change. But he sure looks great in the back field.
Good luck to both Carlson and Lynch in Sunday’s home match up with former AFC West rival, Kansas City Chiefs. This is absolutely a winnable game for Seattle. It sure would be nice to see Lynch have a day, I feel, he deserves. I am predicting 103 and 1 td. Go Hawks