Halftime Adjustments and Big Walt Make the Difference


It was looking exrtemely bleak at the 2 minute warning until Walter Jones gave a heartfelt thank you to the 12th Man that reminded everyone why they used to love coming to these games in the first place. Jones fought back the tears as he rubbed his daughter’s head, and his mother stood proudly in the background. The whole thing seemed to lighten the otherwise dreary mood.

After that moment the Seahawks never looked back and didn’t allow Carolina to score again. Tatupu came up with  his first td since 2005 and Marshawn Lynch was finally able to showcase his talents passed the line of scrimmage. Lynch’s 24 yard td run was an amazing demonstration of power, balance, finesse, and the ability to just make a guy miss… completely.

Russell Okung had his best game of the season by providing the anchor for the running game’s debut as well as some pretty viscous hits. In particular a severe hit following a Hasselbeck interception made Okung look like he might be just as comfortable on the other side of the ball.

And let’s not forget the special teams heroics of Leon Washington. Had he not began his celebration early, he would have found himself with yet another touchdown return and perhaps a prow bowl invitation.

All in all it was nice to see the second half, but frightening in the first. Carolina should have been a team that the Hawks manhandled for a solid 4 quarters, yet they could only muster 2. However, those 2 were after halftime and a result of adjustments made by Carroll and his coaching staff. This was a nice change to see. I don’t ever remember the Hawks being particularly good at the halftime adjustments, especially last year.

The Seahawks still control their own fate as they are tied with St Louis for the number one seed in the uneventful NFC West. It is looking more and more like the Seahawks will be playing for the division in the last game of the season.

As a fan, you have got to love the relevancy of this season. Granted it is in the NFC West, but it sure is great to see Carroll and company still have something to play for this late in the season.