The “No Expectations” Seahawk Fan


Guest Article by Glenn Duggan

As a Seahawks fan since birth, I’ve been through this season before. You might as well call it an “Erickson,” if you catch my drift.

This last weekend’s no-show against the 49’ers just reinforced (again) my instincts how this season was destined to play out. Whether the Hawks finish at 9-7, 8-8, or 7-9, we all know how this is going to end.
In a season that has given us glimmers of hope (Leonard Washington! Destroying Chicago at Soldier Field!), we all know the inevitable trap-door moment is right around the corner. Whether it be Vinnie Testaverde’s helmet at the one (TOUCHDOWN) or Bobby Engram missing a pass for a touchdown in a playoff game against a heated rival (did you feel that twinge of nostalgic hurt, or was that just me), I’m ready for it to catch me when I’ve got the highest hopes for this season in place.

So after the Raiders and Giants debacles, I decided to become the fan of no expectations.

That’s right, I watch games with delight when the Hawks show up, usually in the form of a special teams or defensive play early on, but don’t throw my remote against the wall when we stink (I’m on remote number 3 for the current season). The no expectations frame of mind has made this mediocre season much more enjoyable.
Now I just shrug off the stagnant offense with a beer. Or I remind myself as I’m watching Hasselbeck throw another deep ball for a pick that he’s a west-coast offense guy and appreciate what he’s done in the past. I look at the fact that no opposing team is scared of our one-time pro-bowler Marcus Trufant getting beat by their best receiver (again) as a lesson in life, not a point of despair.
With no expectations, a Seahawk fan can now think it’s cute when we can’t get a yard on third and fourth down, and not have to wonder how offensive linemen made it into the league, let alone starting for a division leader in the worst divisional group of teams in the history in the NFL.

With this mindset, I now can finally, for the first time in my 33 years of life, protect myself emotionally from the last game of the regular season/first game of the playoffs, where inevitably we’ll have a meltdown in an important situation. I’m steeling my thoughts as the 12th man is leaving it out there every game, even when the Hawks aren’t. If Pete Carroll gets a pass this year (he should), so should I as a Seahawks fan.
So I’ll be there every Sunday, but without my soul at risk and my expectations at zero.