Seahawks History: Of Course It’s Largent, But Who’s Number 2 And 3?


After revieiwing my last few articles about the NFL lockout and how ridiculous both parties look at this point, I have decided to try a change of attitude by writing something a little more positive.

All-Time Great Seahawks.

I know this is a little cliche’.  Actually it’s ridiculously cliche’, but if I keep writing about the lockout I am going to give myself a concussion from beating my head against the wall.  Please indulge me in this positive pursuit and feel free to chime in with any grievances.

I think the best way to begin is by position.  Wide Receiver it is then.

As I looked through the stats, filed through memories, watched youtube videos, and asked some various fans, I found myself using primarily three criteria to measure one player up against the next.  The criteria is listed in order of importance.

1. A player’s statistics when they played for Seattle and that is it. For example Warren Moon and Jerry Rice were arguably two of the greatest players to play for the Hawks, however, they put up the majority of their numbers with different teams, therefore, they would not make the list.

2. The number of years they were a Seahawk. Loyalty is an important factor for my list.

3. Moxie. Statistics aren’t everything. Some players have the ability to compensate for a slight lack of skill with attitude. How much does this player give the fans on game day? A leave-it-all-on-the-field type of player gets credit for this.

Wide receiver:

1. Steve Largent: I don’t think this one can be argued. Although he wasn’t technically drafted as a Seahawk, (Houston Oilers, 4thround 117 overall) he never played a single down for another team. That’s just as good to me. When Largent retired, he was not only the best wide receiver to ever play for the Hawks, he was the best wide receiver to have played the game. He was the first player to retire with 100 touchdowns. That’s a nice even number. Real classy. Just like Steve Largent. Oddly enough, one of Largent’s most memorable plays wasn’t even a reception. It was a devastating hit delivered to Mike Harden. Payback for a cheap shot Harden had put on Largent14 weeks earlier. I can’t watch this clip enough. Harden’s feet are where his chest is supposed to be before he even hits the ground. One of the greatest hits in Seahawk history: “The Payback,” and it was delivered by a wide receiver. Largent played 14 seasons with the Seahawks racking up 13089 yards receiving and 100 touchdowns.  Largent is arguably the greatest player in the history of the franchise.  No player has even come close to touching his career records with the Hawks, and with a young crop of current receivers on the roster, I’m sure it won’t be anytime soon.

2. Brian Blades: Blades was drafted by the Seahawks in the 2nd round (49th overall) and, like Largent, never took a single snap on another team. Blades was a dependable receiver who played extremely tough. Although Blades lacked the consistency of Largent, his route running was impeccable. He made the best with what he had playing on teams that had a winning record only 2 of his 11 seasons with the Hawks. Blades ranks 2nd in all-time receiving yards with 7620, yet he is 5th in tds with 34. Don’t let the low tdnumber fool you, however, Blades was a valuable asset on third down. He was a great possession receiver who at times in his career could find a way to get open on any play. He was the type of guy that would punish his opponent throughout a game rather than deliver the 90 yard knockout punch once. It was too bad that Blades’ career seemed to fade out as a result of legal and personal issues, however, he will always be one of the all-time great wide receivers for this Franchise.

3. Darrell Jackson: This was a hard pick. I really love Bobby Engram, but his numbers just didn’t match Jackson’s. Darrell Jackson is 2nd in receiving tds with 47 and a surprising 1st in yds. per game average over his entire career: 67.1. Largent was 65.4 if you were wondering. Jackson is the only player on this list to go to a Super Bowl, although, he is also the only one to not be a career Seahawk. Jackson finished with 7132 career receiving yards with the Hawks only 488 yards shy of Brian Blades. Jackson was a durable possession receiver who only missed 3 games in his first five seasons. During his last season in Seattle, Jackson amassed 956 yards and 10 touchdowns. He played a primary role in the greatest offense the Seahawks ever ran. In the end, he deserves to be on this list. Had D-Jack played for the Hawks for one more season, he would have edged out Blades for the 2nd spot.

Honorable Mention:

Bobby Engram: This is one of my all-time fan favorites. Engram didn’t put up huge numbers, but he seemed to be there when it counted most. I know he had some crucial drops in his Seahawk career, however, he more than made up for it over his entire career.  Bobby was the clutch receiver on some very powerful offenses.  Engram wasn’t a big or even fast receiver, but he played like one. He returned punts and went across the field fearlessly in pursuit of every ball as if it was his last. Engram currently holds the single season record for receptions with 94.  On a personal note, I think I have worn his jersey to more games than any other Hawk.

Joey Galloway: Galloway nearly had 4 1000 yard seasons in a row for the Hawks. His 2nd year, 1996 he was13 yards shy with 987. He had 36 tds in his first four seasons, and then he decided to hold out for a better contract. Unfortunately for Joey Galloway, he tried to bully Mike Holmgren during his first year as HC and GM. Galloway missed the first 8 games of the season and was traded the following year. Galloway went on to have a better than average career with occasional flashes of greatness. He is the fastest receiver on this list, but lacked the toughness of the previously mentioned players. Had he not held out, he could have easily been the 2nd receiver on this list.

Well there it is. An absolutely biased list of the 3 best wide receivers in Seahawk history compiled by a chronicly overthinking fan. Next up the top 2 quarterbacks in Seahawk history.