Seahawks Fandamonium: Fans Will Not See Replacement Players


Any notion that fans might see replacement players on the field for the 2011-12 season–––due to the ongoing labor dispute between teams and players–––was recently dispelled (for now) as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, has made such clear with recent statements.

“We have not had any discussions or consideration of replacement players,” Goodell said at a news conference closing the annual owners meetings. “It hasn’t been discussed, it hasn’t been considered, and it’s not in our plans.”

“We are certainly planning on having a full season,” he said. “That’s our objective, and we’re going to work as hard as we can to make that become a reality.” (per

The harsh reality of unresolved issues between both sides of the unfinished new Collective Bargaining Agreement has settled in.

Football fans across the nation that have become entrenched in this debacle and are growing weary, confused, impatient and angry; let down by America’s favorite sport.