Seahawks Fandamonium: Charlie Whitehurst must start.

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Since the draft ended, it’s been a brutal two month run for NFL fans. The most exciting stories are about new jerseys and stadium names. We wonder if there will even be a season, and if so, when it will start. Like Matt Hasselbeck- will he be a Seahawk, and if so, will he start? Truth is, as I’m sure (and as I’d hope) you already know, Charlie Whitehurst is currently the only quarterback under contract. Depth and competition must be added when (if) free agency starts, but I wouldn’t mind Whitehurst as the starter, in fact, that’s how it has to be.

Hasselbeck can be a good, dare I say great, quarterback when at his best (playoff win, anyone?). While I believe he has a few years left in the proverbial tank, it must also be understood that this team, with its youth and inexperience, needs a new leader, for a new generation of football. Enter Charlie Whitehurst – meant to compete with Hasselbeck or to outperform him. Either Matt gets better, or we try a new potential franchise QB. It was a win/win situation. What I failed to imagine was the middle ground between the two- that Hass stayed average, and Whitehurst got just enough playing time to intrigue the coaches but not enough experience to make a clear decision. SURPRISE! That’s exactly what happened.