12th Man Review: Rookie Josh Portis’ First Game as a Seattle Seahawk


I have touched a few times on the humble rise of Seattle’s rookie QB, Josh Portis; before sports news headlines ever eluded to him playing for the Seahawks. So, for those of you who still don’t know much about him, please click on the following link to get caught up to speed http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Portis.

The first pre-season game of the year for the Seahawks started off a little shaky, as the hosting San Diego Chargers defense penetrated the ‘Hawks young, inexperienced offensive line with ease.

Seattle’s running game, for the most part, was inefficient. Their passing game started off slow, but eventually gained speed. Especially as the Chargers began to rotate their defensive backups onto the field.

Perhaps the brightest spot during the game, is when the ‘Hawks newly acquired third-string QB,  Portis, came into the game during the second half.

He started off a little off-balance, throwing high, and a bit off-target, but he seemed to rapidly adapt to the quick pace of the NFL.

After a few misguided throws, his ball guidance seemed more in rhythm with his step. His passes gained  speed and found their intended targets. There was even a play where he was being pursued on his blind side by a charger defender and was very close to being brutally sacked. But, he remained poised in the pocket, focused, and released a bullet for a completion just before his pursuer could reach him.

When receivers weren’t open, Portis also showed his ability to run with the ball. Ducking, dipping, juking, and bolting (mostly) for positive yardage.

Was Portis’ performance a lucky start for a bright-eyed youngster? Or, will he again shock us with his veteran-like confidence when the Seahawks host the Vikings this Saturday?

Much remains to be seen, not only of Portis, but of the entire, revamped Seahawks team.