Seahawks “Ring of Honor”


The Seahawks have an interesting way of displaying respect and remembering those who have made contributions to the team. The first person inducted into the ‘Hawks “Ring of Honor” was Steve Largent, in 1989. Largent was a wide receiver for the ‘Hawks from 1976-1989, making contributions such as being the first Seahawk to be invited to the Pro Bowl seven times. The second inductee was Dave Brown, a cornerback from 1976-1986, who set numerous records during his time with the ‘Hawks. The third person inducted to the “Ring of Honor” was Pete Gross, who was not a player, but an announcer. Gross was known for 17 years as the voice of the Seahawks. The fourth inductee was Curt Warner, in 1994. Warner was a running back from ’83-’89 and went to the Pro Bowl three times. The fifth inductee to the “Ring of Honor” was Jacob Green, a defensive end from 1980-1991, who was inducted in 1995. Green held a team record for career sacks. The sixth inductee was Jim Zorn, quaterback from ’76-’84, inducted to the “Ring of Honor” in 2001. Zorn was a much admired quarterback who held many records. The “Ring of Honor” also includes Kenny Easley in 2002, Dave Kreig in 2004, Chuck Knox in 2005, and Cortez Kennedy in 2006. The “Ring of Honor” is listed in a band which runs around CenturyLink Field to remind all of the achievements and contributions of the inductees.