Seattle Seahawks: Liar, Liar, Pete’s On Fire: Why I Don’t Trust Coach Carroll


With the recent whirlwind that has been the NFL offseason, along with the recent college football recruiting scandals, it got me thinking about Coach Pete Carroll and how I don’t trust a dang thing that comes out of his mouth. Let me tell you why.

1)      Sketchy to begin with. He magically appeared as the Seahawks’ head coach right as the USC recruiting scandal started hitting the fan. Does this mean he is guilty or a horrible person? No, of course not, but it may tell us something about Pete and his willingness to throw his boys to the sharks to save his own Astroturf.

2)      Matt Hasselbeck as a “top priority”. At the end of last season, Pete made it very clear that re-signing Matt Hasselbeck was a “top priority”, his words, not mine. Regardless of how you feel about Matt’s departure, it is obvious now that Pete was talking out his asteroid. The deal they offered and the effort they went into re-signing Matt illustrated just how low a priority Matt really was. If a guy wants a two-year deal instead of a one-year deal and he is your “top priority”, this seems to be a no-brainer. Hell, if he wanted, dare I say it, a three-year deal, this too would be a small price to pay as your top priority. In other words, Pete said what he said not because it was the truth, but because it would help his agenda. Maybe that agenda was making ‘Hawk fans feel like he was giving respect to a local legend before showing his Astroglide the door. Regardless of his agenda, Pete’s actions spoke louder than his words.

3)      Pete believes in competition. Apparently what he really means is “I’m an astrology-faced liar”. When Pete sold the farm last year for Charlie Whitehurst, he made it clear that he wanted Charlie to challenge and compete with Hasselbeck. As a Hasselbeck fan, I thought it was insulting that a player with Matt’s experience would have to “compete” with a career third-stringer. But I did respect the idea that everyone had to compete and earn their starting a job. Apparently what Pete really meant to say is “I play favorites and make excuses for it”. This year when they brought in Tavaris Jackson (aka Whitehurst 2.0), I thought to myself, “Well, Tavaris hasn’t done anything to respect in his career, but I guess it makes sense to bring him in and make Whitehurst compete and earn his starting job”. But no, before Tavaris even had a chance to snap a ball as a Seahawk, he was named as the starter.

4)      Pete lies for no apparent reason or he is a dumb-asinine coach who doesn’t know what’s going down on his own team. Days before he cut kicker Brandon Coutu, he said that the kicker competition was one of the best competitions in the preseason and was going to go down to the wire.  Of course what he really meant is “I’ve made a decision and Coutu will soon be unemployed”. Either that or he really had no clue that Coutu was a couple days away from adding to the US unemployment statistics. Either way, I this was the final straw that we can’t believe a dang thing this man says.

Go Hawks. Hopefully Pete is just lying about how bad we look in preseason.