NFL Cut Day


After a long day of waiting, the Seahawks finally announced their cuts as they decrease their roster from 80 down to the regular season maximum of 53.

The following players have been released: FB Dorson Boyce, WR Chris Carter, RB Thomas Clayton, DT Colin Cole, CB Kennard Cox, G Paul Fanaika, C Mike Gibson, DT David Howard, LB Michael Johnson, DE Jameson Konz, S Mark LeGree, WR Ricardo Lockette, LB Mike Morgan, S Josh Pinkard, T William Robinson, DE A.J. Schable, WR Owen Spencer, RB Vai Taua, WR Patrick Williams, DE Pierre Allen, DE Maurice Fountain

TE John Carlson, WR Isaiah Stanback, DE Jimmy Wilkerson were all placed on IR.

There are a couple surprised here. Mike Gibson was thought to be a lock since he was the team’s only real backup center, and could also play guard. Apparently one of the young guards who was kept on the roster will now be the backup center. Safety Josh Pinkard was another big surprise, as he was the team’s nickel back throughout the pre-season. Expect him to be added to the practice squad if he doesn’t get picked up by another team. RB Thomas Clayton was a small surprise, but a 4th RB would be a bit unorthodox in terms of roster construction.

I’m also a bit surprised to see Cole get cut. He was PUP list eligible, and having him available to come off the list and help after week 6 in case another DT gets injured between now and then.

Remember that this roster isn’t final, and there will likely be a few more moves over the next 24-48 hours.

Everything from before the official release after he jump

All NFL rosters must be cut from 80 to 53 today, which means a lot of pink slips are being handed out across the league. It’s no different in Seattle, where the coaching staff and front officer personnel are hard at work trying to figure out who will and who wont make the team. I’ll be updating this thread throughout the day as I hear word of who’s been cut, and if there are any players cut by other teams that the Seahawks might be looking at.

Update 5:02 pm – Team finally announces something! Too bad all they announced was that they’ll release their cut list at 6:00 pm. I’ll be back then to update and wrap this up.

Update 4:38 pm – Mark Legree has been cut. Thanks to Danny Oneil of the Times for getting me that one. Still no official word on the cuts yet. You’ll get them from me as soon as they’re made public. Brandon Browner was also told he made the team. Not really a surprise there.

Update 4:11 pm – Josh Portis made the team accoring to his agent. That’s one question answered.

Update 3:51 pm – I’m starting to get annoyed, how about you? I can relay some moves from around the division. The 49ers released QB Josh McCown, who might have been their best QB (I’m not a Alex Smith fan at all). The Rams leased WR Donny Avery. It’s amazing how far his stock has fallen. I bet both of those players last a job before the weekend is out.

Update 3:28 pm – Still nothing official. Cuts were sent to the NFL league office a half hour ago, but the team has yet to announce anything. My guess is that they are still trying to contact all the players and let them know. As soon as the moves are announced I’ll post them here. I can share with with you, not that it helps any.

Update 2:55 pm – Still no word on anyone else yet, which means it’ll more a name dump from the team than I’d expected, which is too bad. Deadline is in 5 minutes. Very little of interest league wide at this point, though that’ll change soon.

Update 1:53 pm – Finally got word of a Seahawks roster move. Tackle Will Robinson tweeted to the world that he’s now unemployed. So that’s one. Still waiting on the other 26. Deadline is at 3:00 pm, so it wont be much longer now until we start hearing.

Update 10:25 am – I’ve seen 2 blogs speculate that Baldwin is among the cuts. I don’t buy it. He’s been the best WR in camp. Plus, with Rice and Williams banged up, going into week 1 with only 3 healthy WR doesn’t seem like a wise choice. Nope, sorry. Expect Baldwin to make the roster.

Update 9:57 am – DT Tommy Harris, a former pro bowler for the Bears, was release by the Colts. Unless a DT gets hurt, I don’t see the Seahawks making a move in that direction, but there will be fans who will, rightfully, want the Seahawks to kick the tires a bit and see if he has anything left in the tank.

Update: 8:40 am – Turns out Morrah is eligible for the PUP list. I though he’s practiced early on, making him ineligible, but that isn’t the case. This make the TE situation a lot less interesting than previously believed, and makes things shake out a bit easier than expected.

Here’s a few of the story line that we’ll be following as the cuts roll in:

  • Will the Seahawks really keep 4 running backs? Clayton has made it really tough on the coaching staff to cut him.
  • What happens to injured players? Carlson is headed to the DL. Butler and Cole are headed to the PUP. Anyone else?
  • Did Pep Levingston do enough last night to make the team? and if so, who’s spot did he take?
  • Rice and Williams are both nicked up, does that mean the Seahawks will keep and extra WR around?
  • Special teams: Can the Seahawks afford to keep a special teams specialist other than the kicker, punter, and long snapper? (I’m referring to guys like Legree and Stanback.)
  • Which TE gets cut? McCoy, Morrah, and Byrd can’t all make the team unless the team decides not to keep the extra RB or WR mentioned above.