NFL Monday Morning Hangover


Well, it’s not morning anymore, but I’m finally getting my weekly recap finished. Here’s a description of all of this weekend’s games that didn’t include the Seahawks, just in case you missed any of them:

Green Bay 42 – 34 New Orleans: Easily the most entertaining game this week. Very little defense being played by either team. Green Bay won because their defense was slightly less absent in this game. The Saints are clearly built around the idea that Brees and company are going to score 45 per game. They only scored 34 so they lost.

Baltimore 35 – 7 Pittsburgh: This might be the worst result possible for the Seahawks. Now the Steelers are all angry going into next week’s game. I also can’t imagine another 7 turnover game by Pittsburgh. The Ravens are genuinely good. Expect very big things from them this season.

Chicago 30 – 12 Atlanta: The Falcons were supposed to be the big Super Bowl contender, but they got simply ran over by the Bears. This was definitely a day with “good Jay.” Bears fans hope “Bad Jay” is a thing of the past.

Cincinnati 27 – 17 Cleveland: In a battle of 2 bad teams, we learn that the Browns are worse. The Bangles are hoping that they didn’t lose Dalton for too long, or this might have been the mostly costly win of the weekend.

Houston 34 – 7 Indy: The Colts have let the talent around Peyton Manning erode over the past couple season, and w/o Manning in there it really showed. The Texans on the other hand looked like a quality team that was simply taking care of business against a lesser opponent.

Jacksonville 16 – 14 Tennessee: Titans fans learned why about half of Seattle fans weren’t all that sad to Matt Hasselback go. He played well, but had 2 turnovers that ultimately cost them the game. This was a fairly ugly game.

Buffalo 41 -7 KC: If I was a Chiefs fan today I’d be really worried. The Bills aren’t a good team, and the just crushed the Chiefs

Phily 31 – 13 St. Louis: Sam Bradford got hurt, as did Steven Jackson. At that point they might as well just called this game off.

Detroit 27 -20 Tampa: This was one of the better games of the weekend. Both of these teams are improving and better than people think. I love the Detroit D-line. They are going to be fun to watch this season.

Arizona 28 – 21 Carolina: People doubting my take on AZ’s defense should notice that rookie Cam Newton passed for over 400 yards. Carolina isn’t a good team, and AZ got really lucky to get a win here.

San Diego 24 – 17 Minnesota: It’s really a shame that the Vikings didn’t win this game. I felt they really outplayed the Chargers for most of the game, but ultimately the Bolts just had more talent and it show’d.

Washington 28 – 14 New York G: Don’t let this score fool you. The Redskins aren’t that good. This score tells you more about the state of the Giants than anything. This is a team that needs a lot of work.

New York J 27 – 24 Dallas: I’m not a Tony Romo fan. I think he might be the most over rated player in the entire NFL. For at least this week, there will finally be people who agree with me. The Jets don’t look unbeatable. I don’t think either of these teams are as good as people think.