The Missing Baldwin Brother


For years Alec Baldwin and his brothers have been all over Hollywood, making way more money than most of their talent levels would indicate. Well, it would seem that the Seahawks and uncovered the latest Baldwin. He could be seen this past week giving a very convincing performance of Bobby Engram,

I’m joking of course, but the comparison between rookie wide receiver Doug Baldwin and Engram is an apt one at this point. Baldwin had just 4 catches in Sunday’s loss to the 49ers, but all 4 were “big:”

  • Third and 9 – complete for 12 yards
  • Third and 10 – complete for 12 yards
  • Fourth and 1 – complete for 4 yards
  • He also added a 55 yard touchdown, in case you’d missed that.

That’s a performance that was very Engram-like. During his time with Seattle, Engram rarely led the team in any one game in receptions or yards. What he did do though was come up big on third down, and he had a knack for making sure that almost every catch he made was enough for first down.

Back in last week’s 6-pack, I predicted that Baldwin’s roll with this team would be larger than anyone expected:

"6.  Who is one player on the Seahawks that is flying under the radar right now but will have a big season?Rookie WR Doug Baldwin. It might take him a couple games to work himself in as a large part of the game plan, but I bet he replaced Ben Obomanu as the team’s 3rd WR sooner rather than later."

It turns out I was wrong on the timetable. After just 1 week, it would appear that Baldwin is already emerging as one of this team’s top weapons.