Seahawks Gut Reaction – Week 2


This game was really ugly. There was very little that went right for the Seahawks today.

  • Sorry for the lack of a running game thread. I didn’t have internet access for most of the day, and thus wasn’t able to post my thoughts during the game.
  • Don’t be fooled by Jackson’s 82.4 QB rating. He didn’t play that well. In fact, he played really poor. The Charlie Chanters will get louder this week, and I wont blame them for doing so.
  • Robert Gallery was supposed to be the team’s best lineman, instead he was the team’s worst. He looked really bad in this game. The Seahawks were better with Carpenter at LG.
  • The defense gave up 124 yards on the ground, but that was on 35 carries. A 3.5 yards per carry average is pretty good, especially if you consider the score and the opponent.
  • Brandon Browner is going to be on the receiving end of a lot of fan hate this week. He got beat a lot. I still think he is going to be a good player, but it’s clear he’s not ready to be a full time starter. Clearly Walter Thurmond should be in there.
  • The offense had just 164 total yards in this game. Let that sink in for a second. 164. That’s a quarter for some teams.