The Browner Experiment Needs To End


It’s a long way from playing for the Calgary Stampeders to playing in the NFL. Apparently it’s farther than Pete Carroll and John Schneider thought it was.

One of the things I learned during my time as a researcher was that some experiments were simply going to go poorly. No matter how much planning, how much pilot data there is, or how much theoretical backing there is, sometimes the data just doesn’t come out as you’d expect it to.  Some experiments just don’t work out.

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That’s the stat line for Brandon Browner so far after 2 games. What that table shows is part of the reason the Seahawks have lost both their games this season. Browner is a starting cornerback who has not managed to defend a single pass.

What that table doesn’t show is the multiple pass interference penalties (at least 4) called on Browner. It also doesn’t show the huge number of yards he’s given up.  Through 2 games, Brandon Browner has arguably been the worst starting corner in the NFL.

Strangely, I do think that Browner can play in the league. It’ll take some adjustments and some experience, but I believe it can happen. I just don’t think that Seattle should completely give up on the 2011 season, and continuing to play Browner on every down seems to indicate that Carroll and company are doing just that.

What makes this really frustrating as a fan is that its not like there isn’t another option. Walter Thurmond is there on the sideless. Thurmond played well last season, and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be playing now.