NFL Week 3 Picks


Riley and I are continuing our little competition in picking games. We still need an idea for the youtube vid that the loser must create. Please send me your ideas.

Last week wasn’t a good showing by either of us. We both only got one pick right. For Riley it was the Jets over the Cowboys. For me it was the Texans over the Colts. Lets just ignore the other picks from last week, and they weren’t pretty. How’s that sounds? On to this week’s picks:

Riley’s Picks:

  • Detroit over Minn-  Tampa Bay found a way to do it last week, so I can’t help but think Detroit will too.  This team is on a roll, and should be a fun game to watch if you like offense.
  • Upset:  Oak over NYJ – I still hate the Raiders.  Residue from the AFC West days, however, they are at home and not as bad as people want to think.  This might not be as exciting as the previous pick, but I’m taking the Raiders
  • Pitt over Indy:  This should have been one of the best games of the season.  Now it will be one of the worst.  Safe pick.
  • Arizona +10  Sorry guys, but until that offensive line can muster any type of… well anything,  I can’t pick the Hawks.  I wonder what the over under on Browner’s p.i. calls against Fitzgerald will be today?  I wish I was wrong but after being beaten by the 49ers, I think the Cards are going to be too much for this Franchise early in their rebuilding process.

My Picks:

  • Patriot over Bills – Buffalo is a pretender, and it’ll show this week.
  • Steelers over Colts – Might as well pick the Colts to lose ever week until they prove the can win without Manning.
  • Upset: Texans over Saints – The Texans are better than people thing, and the Saints D isn’t nearly as good as people think.
  • AZ by 4 – I hate to pick AZ here, since their defense might be the worst in all the NFL. The problem is that the Seahawk offense has been just as bad.

Results so far:

  • Riley: 1-2
  • Me: 1-2


  • Pick 3 games each week
  • At least 1 pick must be an upset
  • We also pick the Seahawks game, but it doesn’t count for the competition