Seahawks Post Game: Gut Reaction


A bit of a heartbreaking loss today. Had the Seahawks completed the comeback to win I think I’d feel a lot better about the team right now, but as it is I feel like things are about to go from bad to worse. Obviously, I need to watch the film before I go off on a few players, but seriously, this was a winnable game and people didn’t get the job done.

Here’s my gut reaction:

  • Jackson had his best game of the year, but that’s like being the sanest person in the mental ward. He played better, looked down field for the first time, but threw 2 costly interceptions.
  • This coaches need to do a better job of game planning for the be beginning of the game. I get that halftime adjustments are important, but how about starting the game with a working gameplan and making the other team adjust for a change.
  • The run defense didn’t show up at the start of the game. I gotta look at the film to see if the problem was the play calling or if the players didn’t get it done, but Turner had a big first quarter. That’s definitely not what we’ve come to expect from the defense.
  • Chris Clemons and his on again, off again dominance is frustrating. Last week he looked like a pro-bowler. This week he was invisible, and was playing against tackles that had really struggled so far this year.
  • The O-line did a great job protecting Jackson. I really hope this is a sign of things to come. The young line has improved each week and seems to be coming together.
  • The running game was pretty poor again. Lynch had just 24 yards. I find myself more hopeful when Washington or Forsett are in the game, even though they have less talent. I felt that there were holes for Lynch, but he just couldn’t get to them before the closed. Perhaps I’m wrong, but we do need more out of the running game.
  • It was good to see Williams in the game plan finally. I wasn’t all that surprised that Baldwin was the leading receiver. He reminds me so much of Bobby Engram.
  • At 1-3, and with SF now 3-1, you’ve got to think that the Seahawks will need to go 7-5 or 8-4 over the rest of the year to make the playoffs.