David Voroba Rejoins Seahawks


Normally I don’t pay much mind to these types of moves. Street free agents that are signed this late in the season very rarely have any impact on the team, and usually spend most of the season on the inactive list. Voroba though, I feel is different.

During the last 2 pre-season games, Voroba definitely seemed like he belonged on the field in special teams and with the 2nd team defense. When the 3rd team defense was on the field, he was a leader and looked like one of the better players on the field. I wasn’t surprised that he made the team when the original cuts were made to get the roster down to 53. I was quite surprised to read that he was released a couple days later.

Voroba will replace McCoy, who was injured last Sunday. The two have similar skill sets. Both can play all three linebacker positions, but are best suited to play on the outside.

Expect Voroba to be active most weeks (though maybe not this weekend since he’s just been signed). He’ll play special teams and will probably be behind Curry on the depth chart at all 3 linebacker positions. This means he wont see the field much on defense unless there is an injury.

If should be noted that Voroba is a northwest product. He’s originally from Eugene, OR and went to the University of Idaho. He’s also only 25, and has decent measureless in terms of size and speed. If he plays well this season, there’s a decent chance that he hangs on for a couple more seasons as a backup linebacker and special teams player.