Seahawks Post Game: Gut Reaction


No one gave the Seahawks a chance this week. Absolutely no one. I picked them to lose. Everyone did. The Giants are a good team, the Seahawks tend to be really bad on the east coast, it all adds up to being a blowout loss, right? Not a chance!

The Seahawks were the better team in all facets of the game today. The game actually wasn’t as close as the score. Look at the stats and you’ll see. Keep that in mind in the coming weeks. I keep saying the Seahawks are a very talented team, and just need a chance to put it together. I think it might be time to say that it’s come together and that they are now officially an under-rated and under-appreciated team.

Here’s my notes:

  • The fumbles inside the Giants 10 yard line is extremely frustrating. The Seahawks could have won this game easily had they not had those fumbles.
  • Jackson looked a lot better this week. Even with an interception that gave the Giants 7 points, I felt that this was the best he’s looked all year. He was even better than last week, and it was against a much better defense.
  • Hopefully, Jackson’s injury isn’t serious. After the past 2 weeks, I think it’s clear that, at least as of right now, he gives the Seahawks the best chance to win. He has really improved.
  • The Seahawks need to be more selective of when they go to the no huddle. It worked well, but it forced the Seahawk defense to be on a field a lot and it showed at the end of the game.
  • Seattle got beat up pretty bad in this game. Injuries to Tarvaris Jackson, John Moffitt, and Zach Miller could really end up hurting the offense in the next few weeks if they end up being serious. Same goes for Leroy Hill and KJ Wright on defense. Luckily, next week is the team’s bye week.
  • The Seahawk defense is for real. The defense was on the field a lot because of the no-huddle offense, but they were still fairly dominant against what has been a pretty good NY offense.
  • Walter Thurmond played really well. So well, in fact, that it only makes me continue to wonder why Brandon Browner has been starting at CB all year. Browner wasn’t awful this week.
  • I wrote the previous note right before Browner with the pick-6 that sealed the win for the Seahawks. I take back bad things I’ve said about him for at least next couple days. Browner came up big when the team needed him to.
  • There were a lot of sacks again this week. I’mm watch the tape tonight and determine what exactly the problem was.
  • One of the major problems the Seahawks have had was their inability to force turnovers. That clearly wasn’t a problem today. Too bad the offense kept giving the ball back to Giants.