More Proof Seahawks Can Still Improve


If I were to ask you what one Seahawks player was the MVP from last Sunday’s game against the Giants, I bet a good deal of you would you would reply “Doug Baldwin.” His 8 catch, 136 yard performance was punctuated when he caught the go ahead TD late in the 4th quarter.

Too bad he screwed up a whole bunch of plays, or so he says:

"“This last game, I screwed up a whole bunch of plays that people don’t actually really see because they don’t know the plays. It wasn’t one of my best games. It just gives me more motivation to go out there and be better next game.”*"

Personally, I find this amazing.

To think that the one player who had the best stats and appeared to be playing at the top of his game actually had an off day, it boggles the mind. What would it had been like had he actually ran the correct routes on those plays he says he screwed up? Might had of had 12 catches for 200 yards? 16 for 250?

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here. I doubt it would have made all that much of a difference in the stat sheet or the outcome of the game. I get what Baldwin was trying to say. What he was doing was deflecting the praise that is being (rightfully) directed at him this week. He’s a humble and quiet guy by all accounts. I also don’t think he’s lying.

But at the same time, with as little time as the entire team has had with the playbook, I’m sure there have been plenty of similar mistake that have been made by all the receivers. Perhaps that was part of the reason that Jackson was so slow getting the ball out during the first few weeks, an why things have gotten progressively better as the season has gone along.

It just goes to show how much talent there is on this team. They have a long way to go to put it all together, but they are making solid progress each and every week.

*Quote taken from Find the original article it appeared in by Clare Farnsworth HERE