Stories I Don’t Want to Read During the Bye Week


Bye weeks are great for football teams, especially banged up and really young teams. The Seahawks are both of those things, so it’s safe to say that this week is great for the Seahawks. But bye weeks are really bad for sports writers, and consequently they’re really bad for fans. With no football to cover, writers get desperate and type up stories that quite frankly do not deserve to ever get published.

There are a few story lines that are going to get beat to death this week, and with no football to write about in Seattle, that’s all you’re going to see. Well, not here, or at least not from me anyways. The writers on my staff are free to write about whatever they feel needs to be written about. But at least from me here are 5 topics I couldn’t care less to read about, and that I promise not to bore you with over the next week and a half:

  1. Anything about a quarterback controversy in Seattle. Jackson has played well the past couple of weeks. If he’s healthy, he’s going to be the starting quarterback of the Seahawks. Pete Carroll has made that very clear. Anyone who suggests otherwise before the Cleveland game is just doing so to be annoying.
  2. The Mike Holmgren connection. Holmgren was once the coach and GM of the Seahawks and is now the President of the Cleveland Browns. The Browns are the next opponent of the Seahawks. He was a really bad GM and got fired from that part of his job. He was a very good coach and too the team to the superbowl. He also didn’t get along with the person who was hired to replace him as GM so he walked out on the team after the 2008 season. There, you now have all of the details you needs about the Mike Holmgren connection to the Seahawks.
  3. Tim Tebow. I’ve already said all I will say about the subject. Tebow isn’t a good QB. There’s already been way more said about him that will ever be warranted. The only thing I want to read about that pertains to him is Bronco fans realizing that they’re idiots and that they never should have insisted that he be given the starting job.
  4. Anything with the word “Star” next to Brandon Browner’s name. In 5 games, browner has 3 passes defended. Opposing QBs have a perfect 158.3 rating when throwing to the receiver he’s covering. Even his interception hit 2 other sets of hands before it bounced to him. While he is improving and he is no longer the huge liability that he was for the first 3+ weeks of the season, he is in no way a star player, and likely never will be.
  5. The NBA Lockout. With the Sonics gone I really don’t care. I’d actually be ok if the league folded and never returned. Besides, this is a football blog, read by football fans. Why would we write about the NBA lockout anyway?

That’s all I can think of right now, but by the time the Seahawks play their next game i’m sure there will plenty of other topics I’ll be very tired of reading about.

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