Seahawks Are At A Turning Point In Their Season


I really hate calling games “must win,” especially early in the season. I simply don’t buy that any one game matters that much, not when a 10-6 record can get a team into the playoffs. Any loss early in the season can be made up for with wins later in the season. While certain losses can make things much for difficult for a team, no game is really “must win” until it’s an elimination game.

Coming off that huge, and unexpected, win against the Giants, the Seahawks find themselves in an interesting position. The Seahawks have two very winnable games against two mediocre teams over the next two weeks. Win them both, and the Seahawks will be sitting at 4-3 and will be in the think of the playoff race. Lose them both, and at 2-5 we’ll be back to talking about high draft picks, especially after losing to the Browns and the Bangles.

More, including a poll, after the jump.

The Cleveland game this week is definitely winnable. Cleveland’s roster is a mess, especially on offense. The game isn’t an easy win by any means. It’s another Eastern time zone road game. but the Seahawks should go into that game confident that they can get a victory.  The following week the Seahawks play another game against a team that looks lost offensively. The Bangles have a very good defense, tough, so again this game shouldn’t be taken for granted even though it’s at home.

If the Seahawks split the games, which will put them at 3-4, they’ll face an uphill battle to try and get into the playoffs this season. While it’s possible, and fairly likely, that they can win all 4 remaining division games remaining, that still likely leaves them on the outside of the playoffs without at least 2 more non-division wins. These next 2 games are the most winnable of those non-division games.

So, now it’s time to see what all of you think. how will things shake down over the next couple weeks?

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